Grupo Firme could launch its own series, after breaking attendance record in the Zócalo

Grupo Firme could launch its own series, after breaking attendance record in the Zócalo

Although the Mexican group Grupo Firme has achieved many successes, and even broke the record attendance at his recent concert in the Zócalo of Mexico City, The singers revealed that they still have many more achievements to accomplish, an example of this is that they could release a series where they show what their tour will be like.

In an interview with the singer Nicky Jam, the members of Grupo Firme revealed some aspects of their career that few know and also his future plans, as is a series about the best and worst moments that he has experienced on his tours.

The vocalist of the group, Eduin Caz confessed that on their most recent tour they recorded a lot of content that has not come to light on their social networks, so they will seek to make a production in which they show all that content and much more.

In addition to the fact that they will seek to hold concerts in stadiums that have a 360-degree view so that their fans do not miss a single moment, images that they would also like to include in what will be their next series.

“We’ve been talking lately. do a series, we want to do a series, everything we have experienced on this tour that was very special because it was a stadium tour and it closed on September 15”.

“Blessed God we were sold out in all of them and what we want for next year is to do that tour but now 360 in the stadium and do a series with everything we have documented from that tour”, explained.

Likewise Eduin Caz confessed that between him and his companions there have been several fights, because as in all relationships where they have to spend a lot of time together coexistence generates friction, but they have known how to get ahead and solve problems.

“We want to bring the cameras, that everything record, that everything comes out transparent, as it is and that people say: ‘wow, they do get drunk, they do fight,’ all that would be very cool,” added the famous .

Notably many fans of Grupo Firme said they were very happy at the news that they could make a series where they show how they are in everyday life, as well as the preparations they have to make to be able to carry out their great concerts.

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