The choice may come as a surprise, but no post-credits scenes appear onscreen at the end of Godzilla vs Kong. But Adam Wingard seems to have good reasons.

Since its release, Godzilla vs Kong has taken everything in its path. A critical success, the blockbuster is also a box office hit . So much so that the film industry is ready to analyze the phenomenon, and remains hopeful for the future, after a disastrous year. If the film ends with a final fight, it is impossible to get some clues about what will happen next . Adam Wingard, the director, reconsiders this astonishing choice. And the latter seems to have two excellent reasons for it.

A scene was planned, but Wingard preferred to use it elsewhere in the film . Without revealing the sequence in question, the latter seems rather satisfied with his choice.

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“  We shot this scene. But when we got back to the editing phase, we changed our minds. So we decided to use these images in a different context. And it really worked for us,  ”Wingard confides in an interview for Syfy. However, a whole other reason could be invoked for this astonishing will.

Indeed, the post-credits scenes make it possible to “teaser” the potential continuation of a film, leaving the spectator in doubt, with a lot of suspense. For comparison, we can take the example of the opus Kong: Skull Island. The film delivers invaluable clues to Godzilla: King of the Monsters by showing cave paintings, revealing a lot of information about the very origins of Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah. In a similar vein, Godzilla: King of the Monsters explains what happened to Ghidorah’s severed head, an important part of the Godzilla vs Kong story arc .

For now, the MonsterVerse has no plans for a sequel to this latest film . For Wingard, “  we have come to the crossroads of something new . People will decide if this all deserves a sequel. This is also why we have not revealed anything about the future potential of the franchise. “. Yet Warner may already be rubbing his hands in the face of the film’s worldwide success. The studios could therefore quickly develop a potential future for the MonsterVerse, synonymous with flourishing revenue. It remains to be seen how the figures will evolve on the streaming platform after a theatrical release.

In any case, if there is a sequel, Wingard seems to want to focus more on monsters and forget about human characters, for a while. See you on March 31 on HBO Max!

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