Firm Group Supports Fan Who “Comed Out” In Concert

Firm Group Supports Fan Who “Comed Out” In Concert

It was during a group presentation that a fan was encouraged to confess her true sexual orientation to her mother, being supported by the group at all times.

Grupo Firme is very supportive of its fans, and they love being with them, that is why it is well known that the group helps its followers on different occasions, and now it was the turn of a young woman, who was helped to reveal his sexuality.

“We are here to support our people, because thanks to you Grupo Firme today is what it is,” says Jhonny, while his brother Eduin Caz hugs a fan and records her shortly before taking the microphone.

As soon as the girl grabs the microphone, she proceeds to confess to her mother, in front of all the spectators, that she is a “lesbian” , while the Grupo Firme vocalist poses a surprised face, and her brother, a huge smile.

“Mom, I want to tell you that I am a lesbian and I am happy,” the young woman says with a smile.

In addition to this, Jhonny Caz proceeds to say that if the young woman is happy being who she is, then she is perfect, all this, while the public goes crazy with shouts and cheers.

“Lady, if she is happy, she is perfect like that,” says the young musician.

Of course this act has been very well received by the LGBTIQ+ community of which Jhonny is also a part and got engaged in 2021 with her boyfriend during a band show, thus causing quite a stir at the time.

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