Firm Group in Qatar! Restaurant surprises fans with music from the Tijuana group

Firm Group in Qatar! Restaurant surprises fans with music from the Tijuana group

The World Cup has begun!

And despite the draw that Mexico achieved in their first official match in the tournament against Poland, the impressive performance of the goalkeeper par excellence of the tri, Memo Ochoa, keeps the spirits of the fans sky high.

Thus we can see in the thousands of videos that circulate on social networks recorded by Mexicans who traveled to Qatar to witness the meetings of the Mexican National Team, but one particularly caught the attention of the Tijuana fans.
In a TikTok video uploaded by the user @ ricardo84256 you can hear “Ya Supérame”, one of the most popular songs by the Tijuana-born band ‘Grupo Firme’.

In the recording, a fan is seen wearing a charro hat while singing the song while he is seen by the diners who were in the Qatari restaurant.
Upon witnessing the small show, the clients applaud and one or another records the moment with his cell phone, which was published with the caption “If you like Grupo Firme in Qatar.”

Without a doubt, the Mexican group has come a long way, and even after its presentation in the Cardinals vs. 49ers game at the Azteca stadium, the interpreters are already dreaming of an appearance in the Super Bowl. Do you like the music of Grupo Firme? Tell us in the comments!

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