Final Fantasy 16: a new trailer should be released shortly

Final Fantasy 16: a new trailer should be released shortly

The next trailer for Final Fantasy 16 is already finalized.

Naoki Yoshida is definitely very talkative right now about Final Fantasy 16. While he had recently declared that the development is coming to an end soon, the producer of the new numbered FF now adds, during a livestream dedicated to the crossover collaboration between NieR Reincarnation and Final Fantasy XIV, that a new trailer has been ready for a while, but for various reasons the release date has been pushed back by Square Enix.

Nevertheless, it should soon be presented to fans around the world. For the record, the first trailer for FF16 appeared in September 2020 during a showcase dedicated to the PS5. This was a first look at this exclusive for Sony’s new console, which included a presentation of the characters and the combat system.

Debugging begins for Final Fantasy 16

The one who is nicknamed Yoshi-P in the video game industry specifies that the efforts of the development team have been considerable: “From now on, we will be able to play it, polish it, debug it and optimize it in a meticulous way, which will require a lot of time. Final Fantasy 16 already taking shape. Everyone works very hard and with a lot of passion.“

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