After her last appearance in the fourth installment, Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) has returned to Fear the Walking Dead. The character had apparently died in a fire after sacrificing himself to drive a horde of family walkers away from her. However, episode 7×16, the last of the seventh season of The Walking Dead prequel , has revealed how she survived.


A very weak Madison appears in a dark interrogation room, where a distorted voice over a intercom asks her if she is ” willing to do what needs to be done to get what we know she wants “. As revealed, Madison’s job involves kidnapping children, whom she calls “eggs,” and leaving them for pickup at a dock on the Louisiana coast.    Madison takes Morgan’s (Lennie James) daughter Mo (Avaya White) away, telling her that she’s rescuing, not stealing, other children to keep them away from ” parents who think they can give their children what they need.” Morgan discovers that Madison is working kidnapping children for PADRE, the safe place that Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and the Texas survivors were looking for during season 7. Documents appear in a bunker revealing that PADRE is a government contingency plan. , but its location was lost with the death of US Senator Elias Vazquez (Jared Gibson).

” FATHER is the best chance our children have for the future,” Madison tells Morgan, who replies that her daughter, Alicia, could still be alive. “I don’t want to find her,” she replies. “I was willing to die in the stadium so my children could see that what I was building was worth fighting for. But if they knew what I was doing to find them… FATHER played me from the beginning. He made me do things I didn’t wanted, so when I finally got them back, I’d say no,” says Madison.

Morgan asks him why he is still working for FATHER and reveals that he is protecting his children that way. ” They would find Nick and Alicia and make them do what I don’t do anymore. But I don’t have to worry about that now,” she explains. Madison agrees to help Morgan get Mo back from FATHER, but the only way to do that is to give FATHER another child. Morgan poses as a collector with information about children and a pregnant woman.

Madison and Morgan get into a boat, but FATHER’s guards take them to a bigger boat. “Where the hell are we going? Where’s FATHER?” Morgan asks blindfolded. ” I meant to tell you. I don’t know ,” replies Madison, leaving the fate of both characters up in the air.

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