‘Fear the Walking Dead’ 7×15: they could save this final stretch of the season

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ 7×15: they could save this final stretch of the season

As the very questionable episode “Divine Providence” (7×14) ended, the writers of Fear the Walking Dead (since 2015) dodge the hurdle of telling us how certain characters escape the tower, the new failed shelter in the middle of the zombie apocalypse for the same monstrous reasons as always, and decide to jump to the moment when they are already safe at the beginning of “Amina” (7×15)with a montage that includes slow motion, impressionistic details and fades to black.

These details are repeated throughout the chapter, which, together with the feverish, hallucinogenic and macabre drift of Alycia Debnam-Carey’s Alicia Clark, we fear the worst for one of the most veteran protagonists of the spin-off of the AMC. On the other hand, they pull a thread from “Follow Me” (7×09) that, after the worrying ups and downs it has suffered Fear the Walking Dead in the following installments and that have been able to absorb our attention, I needed a reminder.

But what such a thread leads us to, after making us wince remembering the good health of Hershell Greene and Aaron, who are played by Scott Wilson and Ross Marquand in the mother series (since 2010), despite the bites of the dead living, is a particularly unexpected twist that, if it were not a hoax about the young woman played by Anniston Almond, it could mean something of enormous importance for the franchise The Walking Dead. We will see.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ has seen better days

Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, of course, themselves showrunners, who have written “Amina” like eighteen other episodes since “What’s Your Story?” (4×01), they cannot avoid playing with the viewers’ doubts, which they themselves have sown, about what is real or not here. Holding on to the unreliable status of Alycia Debnam-Carey’s Alicia Clark, which possibly justifies her going from drum to drum. And we, quite perplexed, with her.

But that this little lucid chapter of Fear the Walking Dead does not involve any big script problem, as “Mourning Cloak” (7×10), “Ofelia” (7×11) and “Divine Providence” do, does not mean that its level of narrative ingenuity, which does not exclude the audiovisual apparatus, of eloquence in the dialogues and the appearance of the whole are worthy of a higher consideration than that of mediocre. Well, American director Michael E. Satrazemis can’t scratch much here.

There is no doubt that he is someone very accustomed to the way of working in these AMC television fictions, with which he has risen from his work as a camera operator, through photography, to working as a director and executive producer. . Thirty-seven episodes contemplate him for now from “The Grove” (4×14) in The Walking Dead. But not even he has managed to solve the ballot raised here. Although it comes from further away.

A poorly constructed emotion

fear the walking dead 7x15 amina crítica alycia debnam-carey amc
Not even our fears are fulfilled about Alycia Debnam-Carey’s Alicia Clark nor the expectations with the swerve that seemed very relevant. We had already thought that we could compare the weak “Amina”, with the planned suicide of the veteran character, and the much more decent “Good Out Here” (4×03), in which Frank Dillane’s Nick Clark kicks the bucket, when he had acquired better prospects, for a shot from Alexa Nisenson’s treacherous Charlie. But it doesn’t happen.

The insistent emotionalitywhich is based on the deposit of deep feelings of how much the surviving protagonists have lived during the six previous seasons of Fear the Walking Deaddoes not convince us or, in fact, it doesn’t affect us too much because they have not built the drama well in the previous chapters. Emotional strength depends on robust plausibility, and this has been fragile in recent times. spin-off of the AMC. I hope he recovers soon.


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