Dos Equis, Heineken Mexico’s beer brand, launches a music platform to support the electronic genre in the country. It consists of the celebration of a festival with exponents of this branch, nationals and foreigners, which will take place in November.

As part of the marriage of music and drink, Dos Equis created a campaign to promote the electronic dance music (EDM) genre in Mexico. The ambassador of the project is the American DJ, of Japanese origin, Steve Aoki.

Mixx is a music platform that seeks to promote the EDM genre through various content on social networks, podcasts, playlists, as well as information on different music events.

In addition, it will give visibility to local talent with the Mixx Family initiative, which will be made up of emerging Mexican DJs and producers; some of them are:

  • Pepe Mogt of Nortec
  • The Twins
  • Eva Blunt

Dos Equis launches commemorative can of the start of the Mixx platform

As the Dos Equis brand promotes music, it encourages originality, pride and inclusion. During the presentation of this platform, Gisselle Villarreal, manager of Dos Equis, said that for this initiative they found inspiration in the festivals sponsored by the brand.

“We see festivals as a safe space for our consumers where they can enjoy, dance and dress as they want without fear of being judged,” she commented Villarreal.

In fact, the name of Mixx refers to the mix of experiences, moments and cultures that make each person unrepeatable. Even Aoki pointed out that few know other facets of his life such as:

  • Entrepreneur
  • mental health enthusiast
  • Sociologist

The slogan of the campaign is “Trust your Mixx”, which has a commercial starring Steve Aoki; In addition, there is a special edition tin with the silhouette of the DJ. 25 million cans of this edition will be sold in Mexico and will be available in the box of 12 units until October 2022.

“I love Mexico very much, it is a very important place for me as an artist. When they ask me where the craziest audience is, Mexico is number one, here are the most passionate fans at the events I have been able to see entire families enjoying the music”, said the DJ.

He added that he coincided with this campaign for giving relevance to everything that makes a person unique. Regarding the celebration of the festival, which will have a reduced number of attendees, the line-up is still reserved to make it known on the social networks of beer.

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