When looking for Christmas movies to watch, Disney is one of the essential players alongside Netflix. We are currently in the right time to watch this type of feature films. So, to help you make your choice, the editorial staff of JV offers you a selection of 10 films and series to watch during the Christmas holidays on Disney +.


  • White Fang
  • Die Hard
  • Hawkeye
  • Snow Queen
  • The world of Narnia
  • Mickey’s Christmas
  • The Little Champions
  • The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack
  • Rasta Rockett
  • Togo

White Fang

White Fang is probably the oldest work on this list of films. Originally, it is a novel published in 1906 and written by the legendary Jack London. He wrote it three years after The Call of the Forest which has similarities with this tale, since we follow the point of view of a canine, but who here decides to return to live in nature.

To come back to us, its story traces the life of a wild wolfdog who will end up meeting humans. It’s a pretty dark tale of men behaving like ferocious animals. But there is hope, for there are still good ones who are ready to help our bushy friend. Either way, the book was a worldwide hit, and as a result, a plethora of adaptations have emerged. The latest to date is the animated film Croc-Blanc released in 2018. The film we recommend dates from 1991.

Die Hard

You are surely asking yourself: “Die Hard in a special Christmas selection? ”After all, even Bruce Willis, the actor playing the main character, has denied that this movie was an ideal viewing for the holidays. However, at JV, we don’t agree with him ( at our own risk.) John McClane’s Twists and turns set in the middle of the Christmas season is the perfect movie to have a good time in front of the drenched action set against the backdrop of “old-fashioned” tirades. D ‘In general, Die Hard remains a classic of the genre in front of which we have a good time.


Hawkeye is one of several series in Phase 4 of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) dedicated to a particular character. It was released on November 24 and its frame is installed during the Christmas period. A warm atmosphere that contrasts with the action and nervousness typical of Marvel productions. This new creation is no exception to the rule and Clint Barton will make his arrows speak alongside Kate Bishop throughout the six episodes. Indeed, his bloody actions during the events of Endgame catch up with him and he will have to find out who is after him in order to protect his family.

Snow Queen

Snow Queen falls into the category of films that hardly need to be shown anymore, but let’s do it for the few laggards. Once upon a time, there were two orphan sisters and heirs to a kingdom. Elsa, the oldest and future queen, possesses an icy power that she tries somehow to control and hide from the world.

Anna, the youngest, is adventurous and dreams of love. One day, Elsa can no longer calm her capacities and will flee, cracking under the pressure of her responsibilities. The youngest will then go looking for him, but does Elsa really want to come back?

That being said, between the music “Libitée Délivrée”, its characters and its inspired universe, we can with certainty place this animated feature film among the most popular of the last decade. In addition to its sequel released in 2019, this Disney-stamped production was entitled to a few spin-offs, including one focused on the Christmas holidays.

The world of Narnia

Today, The world of Narnia is remembered for the trilogy of films released in 2005, 2008 and 2010. However, you may not know that it was originally a series of seven books published between 1950 and 1956. The first feature- footage follows more or less the same course as in the first work.

A group of four children are sent to a mansion to escape WWII. In it, they discover a strange wardrobe that leads to a world of Heroic-Fantasy where winter seems eternal. This universe is actually ruled by the terrible White Witch, their future sworn enemy. If you want to experience an atypical story with a Santa Claus for the least original, then we can only recommend this viewing.

Mickey’s Christmas

Mickey is probably one of the most auspicious characters in the Disney universe to use to properly celebrate this snowy time. Thereby, Mickey’s Christmas was born in 1983. However, it is not strictly speaking a new story. In truth, it’s an adaptation of one of Charles Dickens’ most famous short stories “A Christmas Carol”.

The latter was particularly noticed thanks to its unscrupulous and oh so stingy main character: Ebenezer Scrooger. So, in this animated film, the bitter old man who hates Christmas is played by Scrooge, and the man who works for him is none other than Mickey. Unlike the original, the tone is obviously less sinister, but the story is nonetheless a good one, and a reminder that the Christmas spirit can awaken in any person.

The Little Champions

The Little Champions, released in 1992, highlights mutual aid and benevolence, two themes often associated with Christmas celebrations. Gordon, a talented former ice hockey player, is a well-known lawyer who leads a quiet little life. One day he speeds up.

However, instead of a fine or arrest, he was asked to coach a hockey team made up of children: the Mighty Ducks. Unsurprisingly, it is far from the best in the region. Suffice to say that our protagonist will have his work cut out for him.

The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack is a little different from the rest of the selection. Why ? Because it can be viewed on October 31 as well as during the Christmas period. For good reason, the story takes place in a village populated by monsters who above all love to celebrate Halloween.

The king of this event is the skeleton Jack. But he gets tired of celebrating the same thing all the time. He would like to see different decorations and awaken new emotions inside each one. Lucky for him, Jack will discover another world, that of Santa Claus. Everything will then change. The feature film is above all a touching musical comedy carried by wacky characters, which did not fail to make its success.

Rasta Rockett

After ice hockey in the Little Champions, let’s move on to bobsleigh with Rasta Rockett, a very nice comedy. We follow a group of four Jamaicans launching an assault on the Winter Olympics. If some have experience in the industry, this is not the case with the protagonist Derice Bannock.

He will nevertheless take his courage in both hands and fight to the end to achieve victory. Put like that, the feature film looks less funny than it looks, but it isn’t. It’s a light, humorous film that fits perfectly with the Christmas theme.


Do you like dogs and heartwarming stories? ? Do you like countries where snow reigns supreme? If so, combine the two and you get Togo released in 2019. The film follows the adventures of a dog and his master (played by William Dafoe moreover) evolving in the heart of an epidemic that struck Alaska. Together, against all odds, they will try to bring back the antidote to fight a deadly disease and save as many lives as possible.

Films which have one or more dogs as their protagonist, there are a small handful, some of which are quite well-known. To stay in the theme of winter, we can quote another moving and poignant feature film, which is moreover taken from a true story: Antartica, prisoners of the cold.

Its story features a group of eight Huskies who find themselves abandoned in the middle of a snowstorm by their master who must be repatriated due to a serious injury. While waiting for his return, they will do everything to survive in a pack in the face of many dangers.

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