DC Essential Graphic Novels Cover 2021

DC Comics Cover – DC Essential unveils cover with tributes to Robert Pattinson and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman)

DC Essential Graphic Novels Cover 2021
DC Comics Cover 2021 – DC Essential Graphic Novels


Every year since 2013 (except 2020), the DC Comics releases a guide entitled ‘ DC Essential Graphic Novels ‘. Focused on bookstores and libraries, it is an attempt to introduce new readers to the available stories.

In this year’s edition, the cover became very striking.

In addition to the Harlequin reading ‘ Batman: Three Jokers ‘, we have the Batman himself (in the look of Robert Pattinson ) reading the graphic novel dedicated to the partner of the Crime Clown, while Wonder Woman appears in her golden armor (in the look of Gal Gadot ).

Another interesting detail is that Superman appears reading ‘ Watchmen ‘, being a reference to the ‘ Doomsday Clock ‘ event, and his look is inspired by Tyler Hoechlin , from the ‘ Superman & Lois ‘ series.

“For decades, DC has been the perfect starting place for anyone interested in graphic novels, with genre-defining books like Watchmen, Batman: The Mortal Joke, V for Vendetta, DC Super Hero Girls and Lord Miracle.

Now, we’ve created the perfect resource for any reader with the DC Essential Graphic Novels catalog. The 25 best graphic novels to start are here, along with groups of great starting point books for your favorite characters, like Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Justice League and more! From DC Books for young readers to DC Black Label, MAD, DC Vertigo and Jinxworld, DC has the most diverse library of graphic novels in all of the comics. The DC Essential Graphic Novels catalog makes it easy to find the perfect story for each reader. ”



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