Daddy Yankee would have “the secret to eternal youth” after publishing a photo when he was a teenager

Daddy Yankee would have “the secret to eternal youth” after publishing a photo when he was a teenager

The singer Daddy Yankee has been praised for his physical appearance and many of his fans say that over the years he looks much younger than before.

The singer Daddy Yankee has undoubtedly held up quite well over the years and his fans constantly let him know. His wife From her Mireddys González through her personal Instagram account took the opportunity to delight the followers of her sentimental couple with a particular photo.

In turn, González perplexed many after sharing an image where the interpreter of “Hot” is a teenager and it seems that he was graduating . For this reason, he would have posed so that this special moment would be portrayed for the rest of the story.

“Hello. When he did not know that he would be the husband of all “, was the message that accompanied the content.

The comments did not wait, because many took a few seconds to make their opinion known on the social network. In this way, several explained that years ago he seemed to be an older person and now he looks much younger.

Other Internet users decided to give her blessings for the relationship they have built in all these years, as they are close to celebrating three decades of sharing their lives. However, it was not the only thing they mentioned because various Internet users would like to be in Mireddys’ place.

“From the working-class neighborhood of the city, for all the pretty girls”, “Up until then I was older than now. Yankee has the secret to eternal youth ”, “ There he was 50, now he is 20 ”, “The teeth are original”, “The most beautiful thing in the world @daddyyankee and everyone wanting to be @mireddys”, “That my holy father bless you always”, “ Beautiful Daddy Yankee, lucky the official wife ”, “Now she looks younger than in that photograph”, “How cute!! That passion and loyalty is not found anywhere”, “The only man who is loved by all the women in the world”, were some of the expressions that were registered in the post.

Daddy Yankee is making one of the most special tours of his career and it is that he chose some countries to say goodbye, because in March of this year he assured that it was time to do it.

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