Daddy Yankee Concert in Lima : Sells Out Tickets on the First Day of Pre-sale

Daddy Yankee Concert in Lima : Sells Out Tickets on the First Day of Pre-sale

The pre-sale of tickets for his concert "La Última Vuelta" in Lima began on March 28 and sold out in hours.
The pre-sale of tickets for his concert "La Última Vuelta" in Lima began on March 28 and sold out in hours.

March 28, starting at 9 in the morning, the pre-sale of “La Última Vuelta, Daddy Yankee’s farewell concert, was held , which he will present in Lima on October 18 at the National Stadium . A few hours later, the tickets were sold out after more than 300 thousand people made the virtual queue on the Teleticket digital platform . It should be noted that those who could not get their ticket had one last chance at the general sale this March 30.

As you remember, this is the last concert of Daddy Yankee , who after 32 years of experience announced his retirement. In addition, he has been causing a stir with the recent release of his album entitled “Legendaddy”.

If the pre-sale is not reached, fans will be able to buy their ticket this Wednesday, March 30, when the regular sale runs from 9 in the morning, also on the Teleticket website. In this show, the producer, musician, actor and businessman will perform his hit songs “La Gasolina”, “Despacito”, “Rompe”, “Limbo”, “She lifted me up”, “Shaky Shaky”, “La Despedida”, ” Hard”, “Problem”, among others.


Platinum: 670 (full price – sold out)

VIP: 459/ (full price – sold out)

Field: 341 (full price – sold out)

West: 435 (full price – sold out)

Oriente: 412 (full price – sold out)

North Grandstand: 176 (full price – sold out)


The last time Daddy Yankee gave a concert in Lima was at La Pelousse, of the Jockey Club of Peru, on November 17, 2018, with the tour called “Dura”, where he performed his greatest hits such as “Tu Principe”, “What happened happened”, songs representative of the so-called old school reggaeton.


Daddy Yankee has caused quite a stir on social networks and in the world of reggaeton since the afternoon of March 20 after announcing his retirement from music with his latest tour in more than 10 countries called “La Última Vuelta” which will start in August and will end in December 2022.

This news has surprised his millions of followers and as explained by the so-called “King of Reggaeton” in his video posted on Instagram, at 45 years old he wants to enjoy the fruit of his work and all the success he has achieved in the last 32 years . of trajectory.

“This race, which has been a marathon, I finally see the finish line. Now I am going to enjoy with all of you and with everything you have given me (…) Formally today I announce my retirement from music by giving you my best production, my best concert tour” , he expressed in his clip.

“I retire with the greatest thanks to my audience, my colleagues, producers, radio, press, television, digital platforms. Thank you to all my world family for inspiring me so much in my life. I love you with my life” , she concluded.

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