Since the day it was known that Sálvame had an end date after fourteen years of broadcasting, the program’s collaborators have been rethinking what their new life away from the TV sets will be like after so many years on the air. Telecinco’s afternoon program will close on June 16 and while waiting for that day to arrive, the familiar faces of the program are reflecting, amid jokes, laughter and also some concern, about what the future holds for them. In the afternoon, we have seen how Belén Esteban or Kiko Matamoros have to face a job interview or how to redo their resume in order to apply for a job. However, it should be noted that there are many who have other businesses outside the program.

Belén Esteban burst into tears when she learned of Mediaset’s decision. The talk show host, who has been on the show since the beginning of Sálvame in 2009, always said that her television career would end when the program ended. Even so, the collaborator still does not lose hope that the adventure will continue and thinks that the end of Sálvame is not definitive. “I think that somehow we will come back,” she explained.

The collaborator has nothing to worry about since she owns a food brand that has brought her great business success. Sabores de la Esteban is a registered trademark of food products such as gazpacho, potato chips and vegetable creams, and such is its success that it has gone beyond our borders. Arab Emirates, the United States and Germany are some of the countries where its products are marketed and have been very well accepted.

Kiko Hernández
Kiko Hernández, on the other hand, has opted for the performing arts. The collaborator made his first steps in the theater as an actor in the play Distinto and has followed his role as an interpreter and producer of Las Troyanas, a play that was very well received. In turn, the Madrilenian has his own program on Telecinco called Mejor llama a Kiko, which is broadcast in the early mornings on Mediaset, in which, together with journalist Elena de José, he offers products for sale to the public. Kiko is the father of two girls, six-year-old Abril and Jimena, who are his absolute priority.” After a hard day… I get home and I have this… and I say… how beautiful life is, what a great gift…”, he wrote next to an image in which he seems with his girls after knowing the end of his program in which he started after his participation in Crónicas marcianas or A tu lado.

Gema López
Since she joined as a journalist in the programs Sabor a tí or Donde estás corazón, of Antena 3, where she shared a plate with María Patiño, the journalist Gema López has been chaining project after project. In 2012 she signed with Telecinco and began working on Deluxe, before joining Sálvame. In the last two years she has combined her profession on television with her fashion brand, Ne&nu, of which she is the image. Gema founded the company in March 2021 to try her luck in the world of fashion and her designs have so much acceptance in the networks with her as a model that sometimes they have been sold in a period of less than 24 hours.

María Patiño
After Mediaset’s decision to cancel Sálvame, collaborator María Patiño continues to lead Socialité, a space of which she has been the presenter since June 2017 and which is broadcast Saturdays, Sundays and holidays on Telecinco. The Coruñesa learned live of the end of her program and far from lamenting showed her more optimistic side. “I live my most immediate present! Tomorrow is a gift and gifts are opened and enjoyed,” said the presenter, who is partner of Ricardo Roríguez, and mother of a son, Julio, 22, born of a previous relationship.

Lydia Lozano
Lydia Lozano jumped to popularity in the program Tómbola, presented by Chimo Rovira, and this was followed by programs such as A tu lado, Salsa Rosa, La Noria or Sálvame, all of them linked to the world of the heart. After learning of the departure of her and many other workers, the journalist has made known other professions that she developed in her youth and who knows if now could be a job opportunity for her. “I have a lifeguard license. I am 62 years old, I have given diving lessons and I was young. Well, I still am,” she explained. The collaborator has taken advantage of her popularity and has been the image of several companies, including the fashion brand Koker.

Kiko Matamoros
Kiko Matamoros will not stand idly by either. The television personality has his own videopodcast on MTMAD (Mediaset) with his fiancée, Marta López Álamo, and is finalizing the details of their wedding, which will be held on June 2 in Madrid. The ceremony will take place in the church of San Miguel and the banquet will be served at the Ritz Hotel. Apart from his collaborations in other Telecinco shows such as Supervivientes, Kiko clarifies that he is still “very much loved in the Madrid nightlife world” and has “many offers”. “I haven’t worked in television for forty years and I wouldn’t mind another forty,” he admitted.

Terelu Campos
The cancellation of Sálvame generated some bewilderment and sadness in the team, especially in Terelu Campos. The daughter of María Teresa Campos also writes a blog in the magazine Lecturas and her name has begun to sound among the possible new collaborators of a program to be hosted by Sandra Barneda this summer. The journalist has participated these years in talents such as MasterChef or Mask Singer and has dedicated her whole life to television, so it is inevitable that she is very sad to say goodbye to Sálvame, a program that she herself came to present and thanks to him Terelu’s picture already appears in the corridors of Mediaset as one of the star presenters of the network. Who knows if after her departure she will have a new opportunity in Telemadrid, the channel that saw her triumph in Con T de tarde.

Carmen Borrego
Carmen Borrego is evaluating other options outside the world of television. The youngest daughter of Maria Teresa Campos has announced her new business idea, which may be to open a chicken rotisserie. Terelu’s sister who has spent much of his working life in the world of television, but unveiled this idea, which has had the support of Belén Esteban, owner of the food company Sabores de la Esteban. “See you later MariCarmen” would be the name of the business, referring to the phrase pronounced by the one from Paracuellos del Jarama that became so popular on television.

Jorge Javier Vázquez
Jorge Javier Vázquez will have two more years to consider other options in the working world. The presenter has signed a contract with the network until 2025, but for some days now there have been rumors about a possible termination of his contract. The network denied this information, but Jorge Javier was absent that same night in the gala of Supervivientes. The journalist has not appeared on set for days and Mediaset has been forced to issue a brief statement explaining the reason for his absence. “Jorge Javier Vázquez is temporarily on leave due to a doctor’s prescription,” the network confirmed. “We wish him a speedy recovery”. Apart from his facet as a presenter, Vázquez has triumphed on stage with the play Desmontando a Séneca, is producer of the plays Miguel de Molina al desnudo and Bellas y bestias, has a podcast Los burros de Fortunato, as well as having published three books.

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