Since ‘Me Extraño’ came out, it became the most listened to song, and now its video begins to want to make history

Christian Nodal and Romeo Santos premiere the video for the song ‘Me Extraño’, which brought this explosive duo together… Since the new album by ‘El Rey de la Bachata’ was released, their Mexican regional song has become a real hit .

If seeing Nodal with Kany García was crazy, listening to Romeo Santos with the creator of the ‘mariacheño’ can blow your mind. You won’t see them bachateando, or moving their hips, and very far from pop or ballads.

Romeo and Nodal make a video recreated as in a hotel bar with a pure Mexican regional song. Is that the recently released Formula Vol. 3, returns to set a trend and a path of success for Santos, who decided to join the artists who want to record with the boy of the moment.

Both artists are nominated for the next Latin Grammy 2022. Romeo in the categories Best Long Form Music Video – with his documentary ‘King of Bachata’, and Best Fusion/Urban Interpretation with the song ‘Volví’ together with the group Aventura and Bad Bunny.

In the case of Christian Nodal he received 3 nominations in two categories. Best Ranchera/Mariachi Music Album for the EP ‘#1 Forajido’; and Best Regional Mexican Song for two of his songs, “Cuando Me Dé La Gana” with Christina Aguilera, and “Vivo en el 6″.

“You make her happy even when she’s sleeping. With me her smile went on vacation. Don’t feel that I envy you. She has a huge fan. I am speaking the truth. It was her that I lied to when she whispered that she would always be mine. And she sucks to be completely wrong. She took her dress off 60 times a month. I was just like you when I conquered her. That even I miss myself“, Romeo begins by saying to Nodal in the song.

To which Christian responds to Romeo: “Today I thank you for changing that tenderness that worked for you at the beginning. What a good move. Because all your flaws make it look perfect. Today I thank you. I became his heaven by escaping from your hell. It seems incredible that I thawed her lips from how cold your kisses were. I recognize the damage. Before I was like you. And that’s why I miss you.”

Although they have not yet made it official, it is very possible that Romeo will participate in the concert that Nodal will have in Miami, as part of his “El Forajido” tour.


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