The coolest guest appearance in the new Marvel film “Thor: Love and Thunder” is already known before it hits the cinemas. The film continues an inside joke seen in the previous film.

The god of thunder lights up the big screen again with his lightning bolts: ” Thor: Love and Thunder ” is the fourth solo film by the mighty superhero. For the second time Taika Waititi leads the Avengers member through the cinemas as director and author, which should make it clear: Just like the predecessor ” Thor: Day of Decision “, the new Thor appearance will be a comedic spectacle in a class – and as action-packed as also an attack on the funny bone.

Fans should definitely take a close look, because one of the funniest gags in the third film is picked up again for part 4. And with that comes a small flood of guest appearances that you can only look forward to. What does it mean – and who should fans be looking out for?

The fake versions of Thor and Co. are back

One of Thor’s biggest wow moments came early in the film: in a scene in Asgard, Loki (disguised as Odin) was watching a theatrical performance recreating the events of Thor 2. All three key actors were played by well-known Hollywood greats, who made funny short appearances: Fake Odin played “Jurassic Park” legend Sam Neill. Marvel fan Matt Damon starred as Fake Loki. And the Fake Thor was none other than Luke Hemsworth , the big brother of the actual Thor actor Chris Hemsworth.

In Part 4, all three return in their roles as Fake Editions, as there will be another theatrical performance – this time re-enacting the events of Thor 3. And with that, a Hollywood starlet joins the ensemble. As Fake Hela (the villain from the last film), Melissa McCarthy does the honors. Marvel fans already can’t wait to see this scene. Fortunately, “Thor: Love and Thunder” starts in German cinemas on July 6th.

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