C. Tangana launches “El Madrileño”

C. Tangana launches “El Madrileño”

C. Tangana launches “El Madrileño”, an album that features Andrés Calamaro, Jorge Drexler and other artists who allow a musical journey

C. Tangana launched “El Madrileño” this Friday, February 26, an ambitious project that includes a diversity of rhythms and talent.

With 14 songs that go through bossa nova, funk, bachata or rumba, C. Tangana released El Madrileño, an album that consolidates him as a total artist and that shows union between colleagues, with whom he obtained a connection to achieve this sound offer.

For several days, C. Tangana published several video clips corresponding to the themes that he includes in El Madrileño and his YouTube channel has been visited by his admirers and music lovers who every day demand more from creativity.

According to the information published in an official statement, C. Tangana affirms that El Madrileño is a travel album.

“As in travel books, in travel records it matters as much where you go as where you come from; the traveler matters as much as the different people he meets during the adventure ”, said the artist when referring to the journey of celebrities and rhythms that he includes in the production that go from Madrid and that travels through Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and that somehow merges all of Latin America.

El Madrileño is an ambitious album that has accumulated fruits since the release of singles and that, according to the artist, are up to its challenge.

In this production C. Tangana has completed himself as a singer, as a producer, as a musician and as an artist who overflows his potential between urban music and fuses it with a diversity of rhythms and contexts.

Andrés Calamaro, Jorge Drexler, Gipsy Kings, José Feliciano, Kiko Veneno, Ed Maverick, Niño de Elche, Eliades Ochoa, Carin León and Adriel Favela, are some of the celebrities who collaborated in the 14 songs that give originality and naturalness to the production.

“All these collaborations are a map of artistic relationships from you to you that help to draw the general idea of ​​the album: the search for an ideal Pan-American and timeless sound, with both respect for tradition and avant-garde impulse, with as much past as, about everything, future, “concluded the artist in the statement.


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