Bullet Train | 5 reasons to watch the new movie with Brad Pitt

Bullet Train | 5 reasons to watch the new movie with Brad Pitt

Bullet Train is a film that manages to mix action, violence and comedy without being a slavish work while telling a story that takes place in the lives of five murderers. The experience of seeing a feature like this on the cinema screen is unique, and therefore it is worth rushing to watch it as soon as possible.

To convince you even more, we separated five reasons for you to go to the movies and watch the Bullet Train.

5. Charismatic cast
In addition to Brad Pitt as Ladybug, or Ladybug, the entire cast of Bullet Train is excellent and the characters fit perfectly into the story. The movie’s assassins are also Joey King who plays Prince, Aaron Taylor-Johnson the Tangerine, Brian Tyree Henry the Lemon, Andrew Koji as Kimura, Michael Shannon as White Death and Sandra Bullock as Maria.

4. Breathtaking
While the story and characters are presented, the action scenes are so fun and intense that the viewer even loses his breath. This, however, is not a bad thing, since we are watching a plot that takes place on a moving bullet train and that promises to entertain with many exciting moments.

3. Japan
The film takes place during a bullet train journey from Tokyo, the capital of Japan, to Kyoto. Therefore, the aesthetics and setting of the plot refers to the country’s culture and is quite attractive, especially for those who like productions that take place in large cities.

2. Direction
The direction of David Leitch, who has even worked as a stunt double for Brad Pitt, is to be envied. The director manages to put into practice what the book that inspired the film says, Maria Beetle, and turn it into an incredible audiovisual work.

1. Perfect match
The Bullet Train movie makes the perfect combination of action and humor, managing to deliver fun despite being a plot full of blood, punches, kicks, poisoning and murders.

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