This year’s delivery of the MTV Awards was the home of historic moments for many of the artists who were awarded for their titanic effort to keep their careers afloat even after a world crisis as big as the one brought by the Covid-19 quarantine. One of the groups that was making history from minute one in the venue was the musical group BLACKPINK.

It was time to shine for the youngest member of the group, Lalisa Manobal barely 25 years old, who serves as a rapper and prima ballerina. With her talent and hard work, she has managed to reach the top not only as a member of her band, but also achieving solo success.

After having offered one of the best presentations of the night, Lisa form BLACKPINK won the category for which she was nominated and took home the award. Since 2017 the award had been for the most famous boy group today BTS however the Thai managed to break her record.

This victory was thanks to his debut solo work, ‘LISA’, an album that paid tribute to her roots and showed the public the most sincere face of Lisa, in addition to having been made with the purpose of empowering women and claiming their power in modern society with an energetic and firm speech.

Like other singers present, the talented idol was the first woman from Thailand to be awarded at the MTV VMAs, breaking another record with his first solo release. Another one who also wrote her name in the history books was Anitta with ‘Envolver’.

Lisa gave an impressive thank you speech in which she spoke in three languages, English, Korean, and Thai. Between smiles, tears and much happiness, she thanked the entire team behind this success, as well as her groupmates who have become family and of course she also mentioned BLINKher fans who voted for her.

BLINK… I mean… BLINK, I mean they are the most important thing. Thank you so much for making this happen.”

“I want to thank all my collaborators on my solo projects. It made ‘lisa’ so much more special. BLINK… I mean… BLINK, I mean you guys are the most important. Thank you so much for making this happen! I love you!… And girls! I love you! Thank you for loving “Lisa” so much” were the moving words he offered.

Even the Instagram account of the VMAs dedicated a publication to recognize the beautiful smile of Lisa upon receiving the award, it is undeniable that the young rapper has an almost hypnotic charm.

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