BLACKPINK will end their contract in 2023 after 7 years. Will they renew?

BLACKPINK will end their contract in 2023 after 7 years. Will they renew?

Fans of the famous musical group BLACKPINK are in uncertainty in view of the upcoming changes that the band will be experiencing next year, as their contract with the company YG Entertainment will be coming to an end. For this reason thousands of people carefully follow each of the movements he makes, looking for clues.

And it is that the treatment that the company has given to the female band since its debut on August 8, 2016 has not been in accordance with the results that they have brought to the company, so its community of fans begin to take their own conclusions about what is most beneficial for the members.

The impact that BLACKPINK has in the music industry around the world is amazing, as they are one of the biggest and most influential groups today. After its debut six years ago, Korean pop and the world of entertainment in general would experience a drastic change thanks to its innovative concept.

However, the company would not give idols the space to release new albums, limiting them to just two full-length albums in their entire career, even after massive demand for their content amid a crisis, as it was. the covid 19 pandemic, and the requests from their fans.

For this reason, a large part of the fans on the internet have begun to fear that the group will choose not to renew their contract, since in the last two years they have been seen having more solo activities with Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé, even trying good luck in other disciplines such as acting.

On the other hand, the activities that they have had since their return with the album ‘BURN PINK’ and the agenda that is known so far could point to a change in the management of priorities that is given to their group activities, which opens the panorama for them to renew their contract.

And it is that until now there is no date for the end of this 7-year contract that they signed before debiting, however, the dates of the world tour that they will be undertaking this October, give clues that it could take place during the second half of 2023, after their presentations end in June.

At the moment it only remains to wait for the official reports that are being given by BLACKPINK and your company, because soon they will have to meet to discuss their personal interests regarding the future of their careers, the first months of next year being the most crucial.

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