If you talk about BLACKPINK, you also talk about elegance, because the four members of the musical group, Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo y Rosé for the last two years they have been featured in the highest echelons of fashion as ambassadors for important luxury brands that have known how to maximize their potential as models.

After almost two years in which the band of K-Pop was on hiatus from their group music activities, their return is imminent and we are at the beginning of what is the new era of his music career. With this nascent stage came special events that will be of important importance, for example his debut on American television.

This year BLACKPINK was presented for the first time in the VMAs the important award of MTV where they were offering an impressive live presentation of their new single ‘Pink Venom’, in addition to receiving two nominations, one of them recognizing the solo work of rapper Lisa.

It’s about the main dancer Lisa, who was nominated for her solo work in the ‘Best K-Pop’ category for her debut in September last year as a soloist in the single ‘LALISA’, an award she took home with a huge smile on her face and that caused the emotion of BLINK.

On the other hand, the four members of BLACKPINK received a nomination in the category of ‘Best Metaverse Performance’ thanks to their magnificent performance in the virtual concert in collaboration with the video game PUBG MOBILE that took place in July, which was the first contact they had with the public before their official return. .

According to the world’s leading fashion press, the girls from the successful quartet were named the best dressed on the carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards 2022 leaving high the designer houses of which they are ambassadors with exquisite outfits in monochromatic black.

As they are more united than ever, the stars chose to combine their outfits in a black and white palette, reflecting their personality with the designs that each one wore for the gala. Par excellence, Lisa wore a Celine brand design, which consisted of two pieces, high-waisted tailored pants and a top with a cut-out on the abdomen.

The actress and vocalist Jisoo was seen in a dress with all the Dior signature, which was made with an evasé cut, with fine black lace details on the upper part, as well as a wide skirt with floral print on a blue background. Marino, which gave her the sweet and sophisticated image that has become her hallmark.

The rapper Jennie has proven to be a lover of the Chanel brand and all its designs, that’s why she was wearing a crop top set with cut out details and a midi skirt also flared, which made her look stunning from the first second in the Red carpet.

Meanwhile, singer Rosé who works for Saint Laurent was modeling a long-sleeved, high-neck minidress, making it clear that this classic design is a hit for all occasions.

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