At the time, Diego Boneta He declared about the case: “It is something that makes me sad, I don’t have much to say about it. Trust me I’m a pretty careful person when it comes to stunts, especially since I’ve already been hurt in stunts and I’ve made a lot of movies that require that. The care of the production and everything specifically for that scene was very high, I remember that Martín did not want to put on protections … [sus acusaciones] They were a surprise for me, really ”, he said.

The Mexican expressed his amazement at the legal actions that, he said, the famous “Uncle Tito” would take. “It even made me weird, it made us all weird because in fact, andOn the day of the scene, I said ‘Hey, put on knee pads, put on elbow pads, back protection’… in fact, even the master stunt said’ Hey, get [protección]’and he said’ No, I don’t want to ‘. Both the director, Beto, and I, after each take, we would go with him and ask him ‘Hey, everything’s fine’ and he came out of the perfect set … I didn’t find out about this problem until weeks later ”.

For its part, the MGM producer sent a statement stating its position. “After more than a year From what happened, the production was informed that Mr. Bello had been seeking additional medical attention. There have been several attempts to facilitate reimbursement for any recurring care, but Mr. Bello continues to fail to respond to such initiatives.

“The health and safety of our actors have always been our priority. During the recreation of an ESSENTIAL scene in the series, Señor Bello was assisted in both rehearsals and filming, by an expert stunt coordinator. Unfortunately, and DESPITE having PROTECTIONS on his back and elbows, Mr. Bello was injured. He received immediate medical attention and adequate subsequent follow-up ”, assures the producer.

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