Microsoft Teams

Enjoy Microsoft Teams for Free, Now It’s Easy to Use

India : These days, online classes and online meetings are two such tasks which are becoming important. In view of the increase in the number of video calling and remote conferences between lockdowns all over the world, many tech companies have started charging fees. But now a good news is coming. Microsoft has made its video conferencing service Microsoft Teams free. That is, no money will be taken from those using this service.

What happened According to website , now video conferencing can be done with 300 people in the desktop version of Microsoft Teams. For this, no user needs to create their ID in Microsoft. With this, 49 people can join together in a single call from a company or family.

According to the information received, Microsoft has decided to make Microsoft Teams free due to the spread of Corona infection and the Thanksgiving festival celebrated in Western countries.

Zoom is also offering Thanksgiving gift,
meanwhile, it is also news that the video app ZOOM has also decided to give Thanksgiving gift to its users. Now users can enjoy free video calling for 40 minutes.

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