Electric social bond: what is it, new requirements and how to apply

Electric social bond: what is it, new requirements and how to apply


With the passage of the storm Filomena throughout the country, temperatures have suffered a drastic drop and it is during these times when more light is consumed to combat the cold in the homes. However, not all people have the facility to cope with these expenses. Thus, the Government has an aid destined precisely to this sector of the population, the electricity social bond.

Specific, its beneficiaries are all those consumers who have difficulty paying the amount of electricity bills and are at risk of energy poverty. Is a discount of up to 50% on the PVPC on the electricity bill, this being the Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer. In other words, a system used by the Government to establish an hourly rate of electricity, with 24 prices for each day of the day.

The price of electricity, according to FACUA data, has increased by 27%, which represents a cost of 16.81 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). Therefore, requesting this bonus may be the best solution.

What requirements must be fulfilled?

To get started, It is essential to have a PVPC electricity rate contracted with your company, and with a power equal to or less than 10KW. And a PVPC can only be offered by Reference Marketers (Energía XXI SL, Curenergía, Baser, Gas & Power, Régsiti, CHC COR, Teramelcor SL and Empresa de Alumbrado Eléctrico de Ceuta Comercialización de Reference SA)

Besides this, It is intended for groups considered vulnerable, who must meet certain requirements collected in the BOE in Royal Decree 897/2017, of October 6, legislation that has been expanded by the coronavirus.

So, Those who are eligible for this bonus are the unemployed, people in the Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) and companies that have reduced their working hours and have a significant loss of income. By fulfilling one of the three, you are a vulnerable consumer. Then, for each type of vulnerable consumer (vulnerable, severe, at risk of social exclusion or because of COVID-19) some discounts or others are applied.

How do you apply?

To be able to request it you must contact your electric company, some of those mentioned above. She will be the one who will ask you to provide the aid application form and the list of people that make up your family unit. This form is unique to each company, since it contains the identification and tax data of each marketer. Further, you must show that you meet the requirements to be a vulnerable consumer.

Once those first instructions are followed, in your electrical installation you must have a power equal to or less than 10KW, which is low voltage and a digital meter. Once this step has been completed, the company will indicate the next steps and the documentation to be delivered.

Required documentation

  • Name and surname of the holder.
  • DAYS.
  • CUPS code (Unified Supply Point Code). It is the identification code of the electricity supply contracted with the company. It appears in the contract and in the invoices issued by the company).
  • Electric Bulletin.
  • Electric power.
  • Bank data.

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