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Chronic EA will continue to make Star Wars games!

After deciding to close in 2013, Disney decided to revive its entity responsible for overseeing Star Wars games, but this time in the form of a label: Lucasfilm Games. This label will in particular take care of distributing the Star Wars license projects to game publishers, which will not however prevent Electronic Arts from honoring the end of its contract with the hollywodian giant Disney. Panthaa explains all this in the last daily of the day.

The day before yesterday, Disney relaunched LucasFilm Games, in particular to produce a new episode of Indiana Jones with an original story. The next day, Ubisoft announced that it was working on the development of a new Star Wars game, still under the LucasFilm Games label. And if we thought that the creation of this label meant the end of Star Wars games by Electronic Arts, it is not.

Two Star Wars projects in progress

If Panthaa recalls that Disney had signed a 10-year exclusive contract with Electronic Arts, certain recent events could, according to him, have ended the partnership early. Despite a Fallen Order well received by players and critics, EA had tarnished the reputation of the license: involved, repeated cancellations and a lootboxing scandal on Battlefront 2.

Although EA has lost the future exclusivity of the publishing contract, the latter has not yet been broken. Panthaa takes over the words of Douglas Reilly (Vice-President of LucasFilm Games) transcribed at StarWars.com: “ We will continue to work with them (EA) and our relationship has never been better. If we can not talk about it at the moment, many projects are underway under the direction of the Electronic Arts teams.“.

Panthaa concludes by explaining that one of these projects would be the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, while the other, less ambitious, would be in development at the Canadian team of EA Motive.

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