Dragon Age: Everything You Should Know About the Inquisitor

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With the launch of Dragon Age: InterrogationPlayers were given a choice they had never been offered before: a virgin player character. With four background options to choose from, each option managed to put the player in the middle of the action when the sacred ash temple exploded and the breech appeared in the sky.

When the character was cast out of the faders, those who considered themselves androst, their memories of the events that had frozen them there caused serious suspicion among the agents of the divine Justinia V, as she had unconscious victims. Was saved What would soon become curious were its assembled members taking the victim back to their headquarters haven, where an apostate named Solas did everything in his power to stabilize the strange glowing scars in his hand and fix them to get answers. .

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With Divya killed in the explosion, Chetry was in chaos as the Mug / Templar War broke through Thedas. What was needed to acquire the future was a hero, a herald gifted to him by Macar’s bride, to lead them through the chaos and set off the demon-spilling tear that rents the sky. Regardless of the player’s origins, the people of Thedas began to refer to him as the Herald of the Andrald, as they were certain that this herald was a sign of hope in the hope of having a dark and troubled time. Surprisingly, it did not mean nearly as much to him as the Herald’s human, elf, dwarf or virgin, male or female, in the past. All that appears to have been the power they so clearly held in the literal palm of their hand, surely that power would save them all.

While the Inquirer can choose from standard classes offered in the franchise, such as Mage, Rogue, or Warrior, the player’s character also had unique abilities that stemmed from the mark on his hand. The mark, officially identified as the anchor, allowed the investigator to manipulate the fade, even though they were not a mage. This provided him with opportunities to set off the fade change discovered throughout the country after being defeated by demons. As the player developed, he eventually gained a power called “Mark of the Rift”, which allowed him to remove all the monsters in the area before emerging from the crack in the next wave.

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Each character is given a unique boon during character formation. For example, humans are given an additional ability point, while dwarves are given 25% magic resistance. I like hawk Dragon age 2, The curious were given a voice; However, there were two voice options for each gender: an American accent and a southern English accent. Each inquisitor also has a default of first and last name, and while the last name cannot be changed by the name in the game due to occasional references, the player can change the first name to whatever they like.

Curious traveler

Born from the Noble House Trevelyan in Ostwick, the Trevelyan family was deeply pious in their beliefs. Chantry and Templar’s supporters. The youngest child could not be expected to dedicate his life to chantry service, either as a Templar or as a brother or sister.

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At 9:41 Dragon, the Trevilleans participate in the Conclave at the Temple of the Holy Ashes, hoping to give their support to the Chantry and see the end of the war between the Maga and the Templar. Bann was Trevelyan’s youngest child in attendance. If a rogue or warrior, they were present with the family; However, a Trevelyan midge was from Ostwick Circle as part of the table delegation.

Curious Lovely

The clan was the Dalit clan of the Lavelan free march. Her situation put her at some distance from the war between the temples and the Templars, but when word of the Chantry Conclave reached the clan’s keeper, she knew that it could greatly affect everyone in Thedas.

He sent spies to the Conclave to find out what was happening and how it would affect them. If the player character was a warrior or rogue, they participated as a hunter. The Mezzer’s character was the keeper’s first, taking over in his place.

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After becoming curious, several War Table options could either assist and save the Clan Lavallen or see them but were wiped out. There are also dialogue strands that discuss the involuntaryness of a Dalit yogini and state that Dalits still worship the deity.

Curious cadish

When House Cadush heard of the Chantry Conclave at the Temple of the Holy Ashes, he sent spies to oversee the proceedings, knowing that whatever happened in the Conclave would have a profound effect on the Lyrium trade. After becoming curious, there are some dialogue options that indicate his criminal nature, given Kadash’s relationship with Carta.

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Dragon Age: Origins companions also belonged to the Shale House Caddish, and it is quite possible that the war time they sought information about was shale.


For the first time since the launch of the franchise, players can choose to play as a virgin character. A member of the Valo-kas mercenary company, Adaar was present at the Chantry Conclave as his company was placed on security.

Adar was known as Taal-Vashoth among Kyuri, who goes back to Qin, though the character had never followed Qin since his parents abandoned it before he was born. The player can be a rogue, warrior or mage, and if a mage, there are dialogue options with the Iron Bull about what they do under Qin.

After Corypheus was defeated, the Inquisition was forced to dissolve during the Exalted Council Trespasser The DLC, as the nobles in power feared that the organization was gaining too much power and their original objective, was to defeat Coraffius and close the breech. During the DLC, Curious was forced to sacrifice the anchor for his former partner, Solas, resulting in the loss of his left arm. What happened to Curious later is impossible to say, but given the loss of his arm to the Dread Wolf, and the army rallying for his cause to tear the veil off course, one can almost guarantee Will either reappear to save a friend from her own husband or defeat the enemy who spends them on her arm.

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