Doctor Who: A SHOCKING Villain Returns to Save Humanity

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In Jodie Hauser and Roberta Ingranata’s Doctor Who # 2, a surprise season 12 villain helps the Doctor and his comrades fight the Sea Devils.

Warning: The following includes spoilers Doctor Who # 2 Jodie Hauser, Roberta Ingranata, Enrica Aren Angiolini, Sherry Chankhamma and Richard Starkings, and Sarah Hedrick of Comic Craft are on sale now.

In Titan Comics’ Doctor Who # 1, the thirteenth doctor and his companions returned to present earth to discover that the world was very different. Before long, the Doctor realized that they had somehow come to an alternate timeline where humanity had been conquered by ancient creatures known long ago as the Sea Devils. The cities were now empty and humanity was enslaved, and the doctor did not know why the times were changed, or when this change took place.

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now in Doctor Who # 2, the doctor sets out to get the answer he needs to restore the timeline. Thankfully, he gets this answer thanks to an unexpected ally: Scythra, the alien, who last appeared as the villain, the Doctor confronts him.

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To learn more about the Sea Devils and how they took on the world, the Doctor voluntarily surrendered to them in the first film of the series. now in Doctor Who # 2, we find the doctors, Graham, Ryan, and Yaz in the Sea Devils prison camp receiving information from Rose Tyler’s parents. Before long however, the wall of his cell bursts, and he is freed by a scythe queen and her army.

Scithra appeared for the first time in season 12 episode “Nikola Tesla’s Night”. They, like scorpions, are a race of humanoid aliens who respond to a queen. In this episode, Scithra came to Earth in 1903 after his ship was damaged and in need of repair. Since they are scavengers by nature and their entire technology is simply piecing together what they can find and steal for themselves, they attempt to kidnap Nikola Tesla so that he can repair their ship. Thankfully, the Doctor rescues the inventor, and scythe is defeated.

Now, back to scithra Doctor Who # 2, but they appear to be led by a different faction by a different queen. After her powers the doctor, her companions, Rose’s parents and as many other humans as they can free, this queen reveals that she is different from the other scythera. While regular members of her species will not help humans, she is interested in freeing them from the fists of the Sea Devils.

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Thanks to the scythe queen, the doctor went wrong over time. She recognizes the ancient scythe technique, and concludes that in this time, the aliens succeed in kidnapping Nikola Tesla. So, the doctors enlist the help of Scithra and, together with their companions, they travel again in 1903 to rescue Tesla once again.

The only problem is that, while they now know in which year the timeline changes, the scythe queen still does not know where Tesla was taken. It is up to the Doctor to locate that part, but fortunately, he can seek help from the Tenth Doctor, who is traveling at the same time in the same year, to solve the same mystery.

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