Digimon Tamers Theory: Was Alice McCoy a GHOST?

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Alice McCoy’s character in Digimon Tamers is shrouded in mystery. Could he possibly be a ghost?

Digimon tamersThird season of Digimon, Is perhaps best remembered for his character development. Its artists dealt with personal problems more and more with digital people, and were, for the most part, dynamic and three-dimensional. Alice McCoy’s character, however, is shrouded in mystery.

The series establishes that Alice is the daughter of Rob “Dolphin” McCoy, one of the “Monster Makers” who has produced testimonials in it tamers Continuity, and its Digimon partner is Dobermon, which was sent by the Digimon sovereign to give Tamers the ability to biomerase with their Digman in the real world. Everything else about her, including how she met Doberman, is a mystery. One popular theory suggests that there is more to Alice than meets the eye – and she may not even be alive.

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Interestingly, Alice may be a ghost who was born not to fans, but to the writer of the series, Chiaki Jay Konaka. In episode 45, the dolphin sees a picture of her standing with Alice and her son. The Dolphin regrets that the Digimon project has caused trouble for the children of Monster Makers and says “I’m sorry, Alice.” Konaka was originally nothing to Alice but a regular girl, but when she watched the entire scene, she noticed that the Japanese voice actor Kikuchi Masami of the Dolphins gave the dialogue an unexpected amount of emotion. When he heard this, Konka was surprised that “Maybe, long before the story Digimon tamers It had begun, Alice had left this world. “

The role of alice in tamers Is quite small; She appears in only three episodes and has not been onscreen in any of them for a very long time. In her limited exertion, she only interacts with the three main Tamers, her Digimon and Dobermon. His relationship with the dolphin is only shown through his family photo and the scene where he apologizes to her in episode 45. Since The Makers Makers is quite important for the latter half tamers‘The storyline, it is somewhat strange that if one of them has a relative who partnered with Digimon, it is rarely brought up. Of course, if Alice is indeed dead, it makes more sense for her not to get involved anymore, and would still explain why the Dolphin feels remorseful about her involvement with Digimon.

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His companion Dobermon reflects his ghostly nature in the strange circumstances of his death. In tamers, When a Digimon is defeated, they are either reborn (if their data is not absorbed by another Digimon) or killed permanently (if it is). Doberman is different. To give the Tamers the power of biomark, he sacrifices himself at the end of Episode 44 and at the beginning of Episode 45, the streams of light that power the Tamer become. Pieces of these lights float around Alice, and are physically transformed into Dobermon’s head before finally fading. In episode 46, these particles again appear near Alice, and she hears that Dobermon’s voice calls her name. Very unusual for Digimon, Dobermon seems to have become a ghost. After this scene, Alice leaves – and disappears into thin air. After that he was never seen or mentioned again.

Konaka may not have intentionally written Alice to become a ghost, but her brief and mysterious presence lends some credibility to the theory. All we really know about her is that she was hurt in some way by Digimon’s creation, her partner becomes a ghost even though Digimon usually isn’t and she doesn’t seem to have any meaningful connection to the world – and sure. Her disappearance in the form of the final scene raises a lot of questions. Canonly, alice is Maybe Considered as an ordinary girl, but the fact that we can’t be sure, fans are interested in an otherwise very minor character.

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