Digimon: 10 Ways TK Changed Between Adventure & 02

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10 seasons and 25 years under its belt, Digimon There were a lot of characters watching the spotlight in the franchise. Each series has the most screen time for the return of Digidestined TK, with a focus on a new group of children, featuring as a key player The adventure, 02, Tri, And Last Adventure Kizuna.

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In addition to spending the longest time with Digimon, TK has taken many developmental moments and gone through his personal development. There was a huge amount of growth between vaccines The adventure And 02. Focusing on the timeline in American dub, TK changes from his style sense to his emotional maturity.

10 He stopped crying

TK was not liked in the original series due to the fact that he was a literal child compared to all other children. As the youngest in the original DigiDestined, he was forced to grow up a lot, but it didn’t come without a few disturbing moments in the series.

During adventure, Vaccines would be found regularly weeping, whether there was a good reason or not. When he reproduces 02, He seemed much more confident and less willing to cry at the drop of a hat. In fact, he will not shed many tears for years Tri.

9 They did a growth spurt

Digimon Adventure TK Patton

For some reason, even though only 3 years have passed and TK passed from 3rd grade to 7th grade, he went through a major change of body. During the last time he will be seen on screen Our war gameDaboromon section of Digimon: The Movie, Which was established in March 2000. There is also a flashback during this 02 Was set in May 2000, indicating a small vaccine.

This means that vaccine growth accelerated over a period of two months. While this is not unprecedented, it is a major change that he completed in a short period of time.

8 They got the aggregator

Digimon Adventure 02 TK Davis Yoli Fight

Vaccines were really just two emotions during the original season The adventure, happy and sad. One side of him that was not really discovered was his anger, although it was indicated when the children were divided. Even in that situation, he was only angry at Patton because there was a kind of rivalry between them.

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After the trauma of Devimon, Myotismon, and Dark Masters, something goes deeper inside TK as he becomes much more enraged, and instead a violent, hero. He vents his anger at Kane with no qualms about punching him in the face and killing the evil Digimon.

7 They stepped into themselves

Digimon Adventure TK and Angemon

While he may not be a leader, nor a goggle wearer 02, TK showed a big improvement from the early days of the upcoming season to using the team. He was one of the first to accept the new digitized, even though it included Davis.

During The adventure, TK’s naivety took him into several issues, including being nearly poisoned by Demidevimon. Till the time of 02, Vaccines are more intelligent than most people their age and have a strong moral compass.

6 Their fashion option was upgraded

Digimon Adventure TK Tri Hat

Vaccines have been, and always will be, the first kind of character. His presence in The adventure, 02, Tri, And Last Adventure Kizuna Everyone showed him donating a new hat; But starting with his core, there was only one way to go up.

Now a pre-teen, TK is in the early stages of figuring out how to be fashionable. He ate the green hoodie for a smooth yellow and wide-sleeved turtleneck. It is definitely more sad than the Davis Flame coat, but it suits her new style.

5 They gave their crest

Digimon Adventure Sora Byomone Easy Tentomon Mimi Palamon TK Patamon Matt Gabumon Joe Gommon Tai Dumon

During events The adventure, the crests are seemingly all powerful, allowing Digidestined to have the ultimate help to Digivolve his allies. By the time Tai and Matt were already playing with Mega Evolution, TK hadn’t even seen Patton’s Ultimate. This did not happen until the last four episodes.

In 02 Episode, “Fusion Confusion” fans discover that The adventure Children set their peaks as a barrier to the digital world to protect it from deterioration. This made the peaks feel all-powerful, but it was difficult for DigiDistead to release them, especially vaccines that had power for so short a time.

4 He and matt closure

Digimon Adventure Vaccines and Matt Young

Before the events of The adventure, Matt and TK’s parents divorced and decided to split the children between them, with Matt leaving for his father and TK with his mother. This caused a strain in their relationship, which was a big conspiracy. The adventure.

Unless 02 Begins, fans learn that TK is spending more time with Matt, and later his father and vice versa. This is a sign of growth in the characters of both Matt and TK, allowing them to become better siblings, even if it is off-screen.

3 He does not talk to any of the digested

Digimon Adventure Sora Vaccines Matt Mimi Gommon Patton

Even though he was spending a lot of time with Matt, he seems to be the only person who was spending any time after his last trip to the digital world. During the beginning of 02, TK remakes Kari at her new school in Odaiba.

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It turns out that the group had only lost touch and moved on with their lives, but this explanation does not fit the group of people who have just saved many worlds. The distance between the characters helps in building the information team-up 02 although.

2 A real ladies man

Digimon Adventure 2020 Vaccines

TK has always had a childhood situation because of the love of girls on the team. This love included little moments like Sora when Matt was not around her. As he became closer to Kari due to his age, he also got his affection during the final arc.

As she grew older, she was cast in the same type of characterization that Matt had where girls were indifferent to him. This may have come from his natural charm or his years spent with Matt.

1 He saw Patamon as a companion, not just a sail

Digimon vaccine seraphimon

For a young man, TK dealt a lot in his journey in the digital world. From being frightened by demons to the death of his friend in front of him, he does a lot to hurt a child. That trauma affected the vaccine in many ways, with Patton being treated like a friend.

Unless 02 Roll around, Patton and TK are not just friends, but partners. They are more in tune with their objectives and know what to do not only to survive, but also to win. Even when they later fight Ken and Vermon, they are more of a ride-or-die partner than just friends. He transformed his trauma and suffering into a bond between them.

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