Dell’s 40-inch curved monitor is perfect for home office command centers | GLM

Dell’s 40-inch curved monitor is perfect for home office command centers | GLM

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Dell celebrated the 2021 kick-off with a new line of displays aimed at different sweet spots. The Dell UltraSharp 40 Curved WUHD monitor has a 39.7-inch screen area and a resolution of 5120 x 2160 pixels. This corresponds to the pixel density of 4K resolution on a normal 32-inch widescreen display. Image and data connection is compatible with Thunderbolt 3. 90W power supply to compatible computers and 10Gbps Ethernet wired connection to the network. In short, Dell’s latest release (launched January 28th) is a good candidate for a “one-of-a-kind” way for anyone looking to optimize their home office.

Basic performance

The Dell UltraSharp 40 is a 39.7-inch display with 60Hz, 21: 9 aspect ratio, and WUHD resolution (not really 5K, but excellent for a curved display of this size). Color reproducibility is 100% for RGB and 98% for P3. The height, tilt, and left-right angle can be adjusted, and the stand with a groove that can hide the cable neatly is integrated. Since the built-in speaker has two outputs of 9W, there is no need to connect an external speaker.

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Wired connection ports are Thnderbolt 3, RJ45 Ethernet, USB 10Gbps (3 on the back, 1 on the front), and 1 USB-C port on the front for easy use. It also has a 3.5mm audio line output (but not compatible with headphones), two HDMI ports, and one display port for when you want to connect an older type of display without using Thunderbolt. It also has a standard security lock slot to prevent theft of the display in a shared environment.

The screen itself is bright and clear and can be viewed from a wide angle. Since it is matte processed, the image is easy to see even under various lighting conditions. Built-in functions such as menus and picture-in-picture can be easily operated with joystick-type buttons.

Design and function

First and foremost, the image quality of the Dell UltraSharp 40 is amazing. Especially for displays of this size, and for curved form factors of this resolution, teleworkers who mainly work on meetings and spreadsheets also demand accurate color reproduction and fine resolution that makes every detail look clear. Even professional filmmakers are proud of the image quality that everyone is satisfied with.

WUHD resolution means that various settings are possible depending on how you want to use the display area and how you need it. For example, I used it at 5160 x 2160, and I had enough space to work with many windows side by side. I usually use three displays (which display a lot of tabs and browser windows), but the Dell UltraSharp 40 makes it really comfortable with just one. It also supports the HiDPI (high pixel density) mode that Apple’s recent Macs have, so when you don’t need to use the entire screen, you can make a large copy of the image while keeping the details clear and clear. ..

Dell’s display-integrated stand is simple and efficient. It can be moved in various ways, and the range of height adjustment is surprisingly wide. In the case of this display, it is not possible to display portraits with the screen completely vertical, but it is not unreasonable considering the size of the width with respect to the height. You can tilt the screen if you want. You can freely change the vertical angle according to your preference. In conclusion, it’s a very large display, but it’s very easy to adjust to a comfortable position and angle.

Image Credit: Darrell Etherington

When it is out of the box, it has already been calibrated, but you can also operate various adjustment items such as contrast and brightness from the built-in menu. It is also very convenient to connect and use multiple devices. Multiple inputs can be displayed picture-in-picture, or the screen can be bisected to the left and right to display images from different sources. As a convenient function when multiple computers are connected, if you connect a keyboard and mouse to the display body, it will identify the connected computer and automatically switch the input destination.

In addition to screen size and resolution, the UltraSharp 40 has features that make it a perfect home office center. It’s a built-in speaker. It’s much better than the built-in speakers of a laptop, if not enough to be commended by audiophiles, and eliminates the need for external speakers. It is helpful for those who are in trouble because the desk is small. If you have a relatively new Thunderbolt-enabled Mac, the UltraSharp 40 can be connected with just one cable. I can’t complain about this.


Image Credit: Darrell Etherington

The UltraSharp 40 also follows Dell’s tradition of offering high performance products at affordable prices. The $ 2,100 price may seem expensive, but the benefits you get from it make it quite reasonable. Dell’s displays are also durable, so once you invest, you’ll be happy for the next few years (two of my home office displays are Dell’s early 4K models, but they’ve been working hard for five years. gave).

With its wide aspect ratio and curved screen, this display can replace two relatively small 4K displays in most applications. With that in mind, the cost is even more convincing. In summary, Dell’s UltraSharp 40 is the driving force behind a wide range of home workers in a variety of sweet spots.

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