Death Metal Gives Harley Quinn a PERFECT Sidekick for the End of the World

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In Dark Nights: Death Metal, Harley Quinn rescues Multiverse with the help of Jaro, a telepathic starfish.

Warning: Following are spoilers for the Dark Knights: Death Metal # 6 by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion, now on sale

Dark Knights: Death Metal Multipeti’s producer Perpetua has ditched battles with the Justice League. Along the way, he recruited Lieutenant Hu Laffes to become a Lieutenant from the Dark Multiverse and awarded him Earth 0 as his domain to rule. The exposure of a toxin in the Joker’s heart makes Batman Who Laughs worse, and his pain for pain continues in Earth 0, becoming a dystopian wasteland.

In Dark Knights: Death Metal # 3, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Harley Quinn sneak into the prison on a setting sun to release the most powerful heroes and help them in the fight against Perpetua and Batman Who Laughs. Wonder Woman and Batman were specifically looking for the most powerful hero in prison, which coincidentally happened to be Batman’s son. No, not Damian Wayne, but Jaro, the telepathic starfish born in a jar from Batman.

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As the war with Perpetua continued, an unexpected partnership did not form between Harley Quinn and Jarrow. Harley Quinn began working for Batman Who Laughs, but decided to join Wonder Woman’s heroic efforts with some persuasion from Jonah Hex. After Harley and Hex infiltrate Castle Batt, Hex is killed by Robin King, a rogue version of Boy Wonder. This clearly takes revenge at the forefront of Harley Quinn’s mind, and Jarrow is the one who tried to stop her from biting her more than she can chew in search of vengeance.

by Death Metal # 4The war between the Dark Knight and Perpetua is at its climax and Wonder Woman’s forces are ready to help protect Earth from the destruction caused by these two. Batman is even able to use black lantern rings to bring dead heroes alive to help protect the living and dead Earth. The Emas that the army does is impressive, but Harley Quinn and Jarrow make something awesome. In honor of Jonah Hex’s memory, Harley wore his iconic hat with Jarrow. He now has one of the most powerful telepathic heroes, on which the battle intensifies.

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Although Jaro may be small in stature, his abilities surpass that of many heroes around him. His powerful mental abilities allow him to blind his enemies with a plan to resume multiverse. Whether you are a Harley Quinn, or anyone at the end of the world’s landscape, Jarrow will be the right partner.

While this team-up seems unlikely, it is understandable because they have very similar origin stories. Jaro was created from the genetic material of Staro, a giant alien starfish who wanted to conquer the planets. Harley Quinn was created by her ability to manipulate the Joker and the people around her. Both were revealed by the villain, and both chose different avenues than their predecessors.

His life is interconnected with Batman, Jaro wants to be the best party for Batman, and Harley wants to bring Batman down to show his love for the Joker. However, in the end, Harley finds a more heroic route and Batman helps him improve. Batman’s influence on their lives made them both part of the Justice League and proved where you come from. Rather, it is where you go and what you do with your life that defines who you are.

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