DC’s Black Batman Plays a Major Role in the New DCU

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Tim Fox, who will become Batman in DC’s Future State, has a major role to portray in the new DC Universe according to James Tynan IV.

The DC Future State story will see Tim Fox serve as a magistrate to counter Batman’s magistrate police force. However, author James Tynion IV teases that Lucius also has a major role in it. Batman Daud.

“I think it’s fair to say that everything with Tim Fox and the Fox family in general, which we have started establishing in the pages of Batman # 101, will have a direct impact on the Gotham Line next year – March and Beyond that. The one that takes shape, I haven’t really met yet, but just keep on, “Titian told NewsRam in an interview.

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The Fox family plays the lead role of Tinian Batman The story, especially the “Joker War” story. The Dark Knight saw that his vast fortune had been snatched away by the Joker, and eventually Lucius fell into Fox’s hands. After emotionally disturbing the Joker’s goons, Lucius vows to bring Tim back to the fold of the Fox family.

Dc future state Is a two-month initiative beginning in January 2021, with future versions of DC’s heroes. Next batman The Academy Award-winning screenwriter will be written by John Ridley and illustrated by Nick Derrington.

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