DC: 10 Worst Convergence Tie-In Stories, Ranked

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While most convergence tie-ins are good, the worst are delineated continuity errors, are unscripted, and cannot stand for the rest.

Known as the 2015 DC Comics Event Convergence A span of a few months covered about 100 different comic book issues. Most of these issues were with two-part tie-ins with heroes and villains within the cities of various previous universes, exiting their worlds before space and time as they fought to survive Were forced to

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Convergence Most were criticized themselves for being critical, though 40 have been praised for two-part tie-comics. While most of these tie-ins are good, the worst are continuity flaws delineated, un-written, and do not stand up to the rest.

10 Super Boy

Superboy Kingdom takes less Superman

While the characters in this tie-in are great and it’s always a treat to see two different cryptocurrencies, the bulk of the story is Superboy trying to do his best to protect his metropolis, like Talos said , As The Kingdom Comes Superman. Him.

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Not once did any of the characters suggest taking an out-of-town fight, even if they could easily, and everyone thinks that Superman should risk everything by defeating Superboy. It worked but, wow, what a gamble.

9 Justice League

Supergirl fights Flashpoint Aquaman for Mera

It’s great to see that Flashpoint Aquaman forced him to stay with him after stealing a pre-Flashpoint mine, but it’s particularly prone to tie-ins since the focus is only on saving Meera and doing a Telos tournament guess not. This is evident from the fact that Flashpoint Aquaman dies, but there is no clear end involving the Telos Convergence. All of the action is also underwater, begging the question of how much ocean could possibly fit under the dome? It feels like a writing.

8 Batman: chat of the bat

Jean-Paul as Batman on the cover of Convergence Tie-In

In this tie-in by writer Larry Hama and artists Rick Leonardi and Dan Green, we have Zero Hour Bruce Wayne and Jean-Paul Wally in Metropolis, who fight the Wetworks of the Wildstorm Universe. Batman: Shadow of the Bat There was a title that dealt with hymns Batman The characters and since the focus of those comics was mostly internal, this tie-in was also immersed in the same. The story does not even end well as the truss is made but then stops, separated from external danger Convergence.

7 Aquaman

Aquaman prepares to fight

In this tie-in, the storyline of the Pre-Zero Hour Aquaman is complicated due to the conflicts he has endured throughout the year under the dome and his seemingly insurmountable fight against Deathblow from the Wildstorm Universe.

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However, the story’s conclusion leaves many holes that are actually going on. Convergence Tie-in. Deathblow and his town have disappeared since the city’s other Champions were defeated, but how does Pre-Zero Hour Metropolis Kingdom Survive After Superman Superboy? How did Zoo Cruise survive after the fastback and pig-iron Folewood destroyed?

6 Adventures of Superman

Supergirl and Superman save the day

While the story itself is interesting because it’s always nice to see Superman and Supergirl fighting together and it especially plays a big part in the tie main Convergence The story, it’s the ending that brings it down. The battle royale of Tellos is that when the champion of one city wins, the other city will be destroyed. Superman and Supergirl win and an earthquake pushes Earth-Eddy’s New York into the rubble, which does not correspond to the other cities disappearing. This indicates incompatibility with defeated cities.

5 Amazing woman

Creed comes to Wonder Woman

Matter of focus Convergence The tie-in on the pre-Crisis Wonder Woman is that her white ensemble returned when she was de-powered and running the boutique, and it was a tragic event for Wonder Woman fans. Even seeing him live happily with Steve Trevor and presenting an interesting angle that pops up in Gotham cannot save this tie-in. Not only is Wonder Woman and Steve making wild, questionable choices but it is also hard to see the weak, flightless Wonder Woman.

4 Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters

Plastic Man and Freedom Fighter vs. Nazi and the Bug

It’s always a pleasure to see Plastic Man at the forefront of the comic book, but in this particular situation, it doesn’t catch on when he and Earth-X’s Freedom Fighters take on Future’s End Cyberburg Bugs. Not only is the basis for an apparent continuity error, since Plastic Man had died before he met the Silver Ghost, but it is also about seeing freedom fighters being coerced with the Nazis. While there was a possibility, the story became difficult and flat.

3 Spy comics

Helena Wayne Red Goes Against Superman

Working as a direct partner Convergence: Action Comics By writer Justin Gray and artists Claude St. Aubin and Sean Parsons, we see that Nightwing of the Earth-2 and Huntress Earth is on the -30’s Superman. While Superman and Powergirl fight Wonder Woman in Moscow, Huntress tries to kill Soviet Superman in the most ridiculous way possible and the bulk of the two comics are like parents dealing with a bratty kid. In the end, a truss is summoned and Telos lessens his rage … apparently sparing the metropolis of Earth-2.

2 Crime syndicate

Superwoman in electric chair

What’s wild about the Earth-3 crime syndicate in this tie-in is that the superwoman – called Lois, even if that character is not at all – writes that the crime syndicate never wanted to hurt anyone.

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It may be an attempt to avoid the electric chair but it is still a lauded attempt. Crime Syndicate is transported to fight Justice Legion Alpha in the future and somehow manages to land him as Superwoman Fame Wonder Woman. The story had promise but failed to entertain.

1 Supergirl: Matrix

Supergirl Matrix, also known as Mae

Does not exist Convergence: Supergirl: Matrix Writers Keith Giffen and artists Timothy Green II and Joseph Silver are hard to follow, also extremely disappointing. There is so much going on and so little it makes sense. This is a history between Lex Luthor and Supergirl, but in the tie-in she does not appear to be his girlfriend yet he is obedient to her, even if he viciously insults her. And why is it called Kara? His name is Mai. What a mess.

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