DC: 10 Best Convergence Tie-In Stories, Ranked

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Spanning decades of continuity, Convergence’s tie-in closes the nostalgia and many different series that ended long ago.

Mother of all DC programs, Convergence Unimaginable and brought the daughters-in-law of the past together as Cervant Telos of Brainiac knocks them out of their domes to fight for survival. While largely incompatible to the current DC universe, the main story of the event was extinguished by a 40 two-part tie-in comics book.

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Spanning decades of continuity, these tie-ins closed nostalgia and several different series that ended long ago. And since many of these tie-ins are above average, trying to find the best one depends on several variables.

10 bat girl

Batgirl's cover art with Stephanie Brown, Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain

Even though Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain continue to commit offense while under the dome, Stephanie Brown is the chosen champion of ex-Flash Point Gotham. What makes this tie-in particularly great is how aware of Stephanie’s odds are, as she is not known for being the best Batgirl, even in her major. However, she is able to win with her smart and in the end, Stephanie is given a happy, satisfying ending, which helps to create controversy surrounding her character’s treatment in the DC universe.

9 Nightwing / oracle

A Grayson Gordon Wedding

Not only does this tie-in give us a Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon wedding, but it also shows us that you can never underestimate the Bat-family. When the dome goes down, ex-Flashpoint Nightwing and Oracle Flashpoint are the champions chosen against Hawkman and Hawkwoman. Things look serious as he not only has his Thanagarian technique, but also his brutal training. How will two non-powered humans, one of whom is in a wheelchair, possibly win? Well, they win, because of Oracle’s talent and Nightwing’s fighting skills.

8 world’s finest

Scribble Jabbet draws superheroes for convergence

Countless DC characters have been lost over the years and new storylines and more modern iterations were written. There doesn’t seem to be much room for the more ancient heroes of the 1930s and 1940s, but in this tie-in, readers are given a love letter and a beautiful reminder of the heroes left behind. Mainly after cartoonist and reporter Scribby Jibbet and Shining Night, as they are chosen by Telos to live in the oldest city, readers get to appreciate the past.

7 Green Lantern / Parallax

Hal Jordan Fearless in Convergence

The tie-in also features a crime-riddled Hal Jordan, who was awash with his actions due to zero-hours and his evil alter-ego parallax, which makes it so juicy to read. When Kyle Runner is chosen as the champion of Metropolis against Princess Fern of Electropolis, Parlax does everything in his power to ensure that the metropolis wins. He becomes fearless and is caught in the middle by Kyle, who is trying to minimize Parallax damage. The story is an exciting reed, which is only improved when it continues Convergence Main story.

6 Titans

Arsenal reunite with their daughter Lian

Along with being important enough to continue in the main story of Convergence, This particular Titans tie-in is done due to hitting all the right cues.

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Not only do we see what life is like for the team when the dome arises, we also learn Arsenal’s internal turmoil as he traces his life back. He had it very hard and this tie not only returns his daughter to him, but also shows that Arsenal is a great character.

5 Shazam!

Marvel family cover with Shazam

More than a mere delight! The comic story is the story of an Earth-S Marvel family that brings mid-20th-century superhero nostalgia. Within this particular tie-in, there is a 7-hour delay for the bottom of the dome after Telos’ announcement. Billy Batson and his friends are not able to change, but they go to investigate some suspicious activity that takes them underground. It is a beautiful tribute to the spirit of the old superhero comics and the feeling continues as the children live in the Gaslight Universe.

4 Speed ​​force

Wally West is walking with his children Iris and Jay

This completes this particular tie-in very well. Wally West feels tremendous guilt as he feels he has failed as a father because his children are trapped with him in Gotham. When Wally has to fight Flashpoint Wonder Woman, it is the best way to constantly protect his children. Fortunately, the zoo crew’s speedster fastback is able to help and Wally not only saves the city, but also proves his worth as a father. This is an excellent read.

3 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn ejects Captain Carrot

During her time under the dome, Harley has not only found a boyfriend she loves, but she has also gained her mental health under some kind of control. That is, until he has been elected as the champion of his city.

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The pre-flashpoint Harley’s fight against Captain Carrot is so good how Harley’s already cartoon way clashes with the serious champion of the Zoo Crew and he eventually kicks the Captain out with poison. This tie-in not only takes Convergence Seriously, but also a bittersweet ending.

2 Superman

Lois Lane gives birth to John Kent

This tie-in is highly satisfying as it brings pre-Flashpoint Superman, Lois Lane and his newborn son into the modern DC universe. Lois becomes pregnant while she and Superman are trapped under the dome and the birth of their son is the result of this tie-in and the whole Convergence The series is very important. We also get a glimpse into the mind of Flashpoint Batman aka Thomas Wayne, who learns that his son lives in Superman’s universe and asks Superman to protect his son at all costs.

1 Marsh thing

Swamp Thing saves the day

Swamp Thing is a very special character in the swamp universe and the thing that adds to his charm is how he can live a year under the dome. Since he was separated from The Green, he relies on his friend Abby to help him. Just before the dome lifts it looks like the Swamp Thing will die but he rejoins The Green to fight the Red Green Vampires. Eventually, Vampire Batman sacrificed himself for the vampire-free Gotham. This is a riveting story.

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