Dayana Jaimes, Martín Elías’ widow, lost 20 kilos and would be ready to love again


Dayana Jaimes, widow of the Vallenato singer Martín Elías, He gave details of his life when in a few months it will be four years since the death of the artist.

In an interview with the program La Red, the social communicator pointed out that little by little she has been able to get ahead after living the tragic moment in which she lost the father of her children in a traffic accident.

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When the journalist asked if she is ready to love again, she replied with laughter: “Yes of course, yes I am ready”. And he added that in due course the right person will come and that she feels ready to love again.

This said Dayana Jaimes on La Red:

The influencer also shared the decision she made to lose weight on the show. Jaimes pointed out that she became obese grade 1 and that is why she decided to undergo bariatric surgery which helped her lose about 20 kilos.

Dayana Jaimes and the judicial process for the case of Martín Elías

The widow of the Vallenato singer has had to take charge of the judicial process that is being carried out against the driver of Martín Elías.

In a statement released in the middle of this year, she assured that she is not seeking compensation. “At no time will I demand from Armando Quintero (driver) or his family, the payment of damages”, he pointed.

Martin Elias
Martin Elias

Likewise, Jaimes was emphatic in saying that the “only purpose” related to the legal process is “Know the truth of what happened on the morning of April 14, 2017” and not an economic issue, “despite the consequent personal and emotional effects” that he suffered due to the death of his partner.

Regarding the matter of the Prosecutor’s Office imputing the charge of culpable homicide to the driver, she is “far from considering that he would have wanted to end Martín’s life, much less that Martín wanted to die.”

“I reiterate that all accidents with fatal consequences are informally investigated by the accusing body, that does not mean that it was I who decided to initiate a criminal proceeding against Armando Quintero, it was the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, and that is the reason why which my daughter and I are present, because we are victims of the unfortunate event “, the widow of Martín Elías pointed out.

Report would prove that the death of Martín Elías was a homicide

The document that they will take to the trial was prepared by investigators from the Police Traffic Directorate and reconstructs the minute by minute of the accident in which the artist died. To do so, they divided the incident into three moments: perception, reaction and conflict.

The first part “perception” talks about what happened the day of the accident: at kilometer 99 of the road, which only has one carriageway and is two-way, the driver, apparently, invaded the opposite lane, while going at a speed of no less than 152 kilometers per hour on a road of maximum 50 km / h.

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In the description of the “reaction”, the document mentions: “When realizing that he had carried out this maneuver, the driver decides to redirect his trajectory towards his respective lane and in this process the vehicle leaves a curved skid mark with the front wheel left. Once inside his lane, the man begins a process of losing control of the vehicle, leaving a skid mark towards the right side of the road, with the right front wheel ”.

Truck in which Martín Elías crashed.
Truck in which Martín Elías crashed.

At the last moment, the document describes the “conflict” as: “Without being able to control the vehicle, the trailer rotates to the left and in turn initiates a right-side roll-over flight with a 40 ° inclination, traveling at a distance of 23.68 meters and from this position it falls on wheels on the right side, fracturing the wheel rims on the asphalt layer ”.

After this, the vehicle fell 17 meters ahead, bounced, took another half turn in the air and plunged back to the ground, another 17 meters, where it hit and knocked over a tree branch, to bounce once more until it fell on the left side of the road, this is how the document published by El Espectador describes the minute by minute of the accident.

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