Davinson Sánchez, from Mourinho’s ‘amulet’ to one of the most depreciated players in the Premier League


Despite being part of the Premier League team, Colombian central defender Davinson Sánchez is not having a good time at this dream start to the season for Tottenham Hotspur.

For the Portuguese José Mourinho, DT of the ‘Spurs’, Sánchez is not part of the short and medium term plans. Despite the stature and corpulence of the central defender, Mourinho does not call the Colombian to the matches. When he enters the call to play the Premier League, the experienced coach does not move the player from Cauca from the bank.

In addition, during the season, the top-level defender has received scolding from the Portuguese for his poor performance in the continental Europa League tournament. According to several English media, the statistics do not help the player from Caloto. The goals with Sánchez on the field of play are more than when the Colombian is on the bench or watching the game from home.

Although the comparison is made, the player has only played 12 games in the season. Four of them have been played in the Premier League, while Tottenham have played 13 games in total per league. The remaining 8 games were played in the continental tournament.

The variation of the price of Sánchez

This decline in performance has been reflected in the devaluation of the player’s commercial value, according to TransferMarket. According to the website, Sánchez continues to be the fourth most valuable player in the Tottenham squad and the most valuable in the entire Colombian National Team. This price is justified by the youth of the defender, who is only 24 years old and is already part of one of the largest teams on the old continent.

In turn, he is ranked 12th among players with the highest value in the age range and is the 18th highest-priced central defender in the world. Overall, it ranks 123rd in the world, based on business value.

Although the projection for the moment is good, it has been devaluing since April of this year. The Colombian player presented his peak value in December 2019, when it cost 60 million euros. After this, it had a significant devaluation five months later.

In April 2020, months in which the world was already enduring the pandemic, at the age of 23, the Colombian lowered his price by 12 million euros. This figure, despite not being modest compared to other players on the same team, is a significant loss for any player of his age and led to the Colombian cost 48 million euros.

From April to October, 6 months later, Davinson registered another important drop in a short time that took him to 45 million euros, 3 million less than in the fourth month of the same year.

For December and in less than two months, Sánchez lowered his price again: this time by 5 million euros. By January 2021, the Colombian central will have a price of 40 million euros. In short, the Caloto native cost 60 million euros in October 2019 to have a value of 40 million in December of the following year; that is to say, a detriment of 20 million euros in a little over a year.

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