Darth Vader’s First Sith Lightsaber Almost Killed Him

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Before making his signature Crimson Lightbaser, Darth Wader had to capture a dangerous Jedi’s Lightsaber, and it didn’t even suit him.

Darth Wader is one of the most feared figures of all Star wars Knowledge. His towering figure, all-black outfit, heavy breathing, long cape, expressionless mask and commanding robotic voice all contribute to his incredible presence. However, while he looks powerful, being a Darth Vader is not that it is broken. The Walker suit is critical to the existence of Anakin Skywalker, and the weight of the organization defies the agility and athleticism he once possessed.

The suit also forces Vader to change his style of lightbuster fighting, and the first lightbuser in the outfit was a terrible fit for him. While ex-Vader Anakin may have used it well, Wader’s original saber was a terrible fit, and receiving it led to his death.

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Anakin’s Lightbaser is stigmatized by Obi-Wan after their duel at Mustafar, and the Jedi’s saber, killed during Order 66, is destroyed. Meanwhile, in Darth Vader Marvel Comics, he believes that the Sith are not given lightsabers; They take them.

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In the comics, Wader is shown searching for the location of a Jedi named Kirk Infillha, who left the Order before Order 66. Infill was a Jedi master who took the Barash swara, meaning that he would refuse as a penance for all Jedi activities. Crimes. Vader arrives at the river moon of Alidolem to execute him and goes to pick up his lightsaber, but when the two confront each other, Infala declares to complete his Barash Waugh and kills Vader. . Darth Vader saved everything he had. Infilha threw his way, including floods, giant bird attacks and a push from a cliff. Despite his mechanical suit being damaged, Wader resurrects himself to kill Kirk and takes his Lightbuser.

Although he returns to Mustafar to create the crystals of his new Lightsaber bleed, the tilt of the blade does not suit Vader. Similar to Count Dooku’s Saber, the Infinilla’s lightbaser has a thick and curled tilt. This would have been a good fit aesthetic for Anakin because he had the flexibility to yield it, but in the suit, Vader fights more strongly.

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With a thick leather glove covering the hands of the robot, the wader must be able to hold firmly to use it properly. The heavy shoes and robotic legs given to him also limit his antics, not to mention that his damaged sense of sight and hearing has to assist with his organization. Therefore, a lightbuster of this nature will hinder him to some extent.

Fortunately, a blessing comes soon for Darth Vader when he receives the Lightbuser of the Infils, when a group of bounty hunters destroy the halt in a skirmish over Cabaria. This gives her the opportunity to create a new bent that suits her limited combat skills. Darth Sidis himself also approved the updated look, claiming that, “an improvement … the inclination taken from the master infill does not suit you.”

If this encounter with the bounty hunters had not happened, Darth Vader could have been killed during any of his battles, if he had been trapped with the Lightsaber of the Infils. It also does not look the same if its radix was anything but black and steel one is addicted to all.

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