Coronavirus and the 'Yellow Dust from China', all you need to know

Coronavirus and the ‘Yellow Dust from China’, all you need to know

Coronavirus and the ‘Yellow Dust from China’, all you need to know

Globe Live Media, Oct.24- The Coronavirus, which is still holding its feet in the World, some critical news related to this wicked virus appears every other day on TV or Internet, now this time a big news related to this virus has come from North Korea. During a recent weather program on a State-run TV Channel KCTV, it was observed that everyone was asked to stay in their homes by the TV show presenter, and the reason given was ‘Yellow Dust coming from China’.

Yes, North Korean officials had requested all North Korean residents to stay indoors to avoid exposure to a bizarre phenomenon called ‘Yellow Dust’ that comes to North Korea from China.

So what is Yellow Dust after all?

Yellow dust points out to the sand in the deserts of Mongolia and China that reaches North and South Korea at specific seasons via fast flowing air. It is usually blended in with harmful residue, this phenomenon has brought well-being worries in both the nations for quite a long time.

But this time, the North Korean officials feared that the Seasonal Yellow Dust coming from China might carry Coronavirus and other toxic substances along with it and could cause a virus outbreak in the Country.

Hence, As a result of the warnings from the State-run Media Channel, the major effect of the announcement was seen in the streets of the North Korean capital Pyongyang, where Streets were found to be empty on Thursday.

On Thursday morning, the state-run Rodong Sinmun newspaper also asked all the workers that deal with pandemic situations to perceive the danger of a ‘fatal virus entering the nation’.

The North Korean Newspaper said that residents ought to stay away from open air tasks and follow rules of wearing masks when they go out.

Consulates were likewise cautioned of the approaching dust storm. The Russian Embassy in North Korea also wrote a post on Facebook urging its employees and guests to the nation to remain at home during the dust storm and tightly shut their windows.

So, Can this Yellow Dust really carry the Covid-19 virus?

Well, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had said earlier on their blog on October 05 that although Covid-19 virus can stand-by for quite a long time in the Air (from minutes to hours), one may or may not contract the virus along these lines, particularly in open air. The primary way individuals get infected is when they stand near the contaminated individual who coughs, talks, or sneezes and spreads the infection through droplets that come from his mouth or nose.

The Yellow Dust also comes to the South Korean Region as We have mentioned above, but South Korean officials straight away discarded the possibility of Coronavirus travelling along with the Sand and infecting anyone, hence they didn’t take any measures for the same.