Congress averts government shutdown with another stopgap bill

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The US House of Representatives took a government shutdown for the second time in a week by passing a two-day stopgap funding bill to allow Congress more time on a COVID relief bill.

The additional House (CR) for Trump’s signature, which was passed for a few hours to pass the House and Senate, would prevent a government shutdown and stick Congress into a $ 900 billion COVID-19 relief bill The months wait for what the Americans did, which would allow more time to exclude the digits.

House Majority Leader Stany H. Hoyer, D-MD, said the public should not expect the bill to be agreed before 1pm on Sunday.

Rape Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D.N.Y., blamed Republicans for their inability to arrive at a deal on Friday, saying stimulus investigations proved sticking points.

“We want at least $ 1200,” she told Hill. “And Republicans are fighting it back to $ 600, which is really unfortunate. $ 600 is not enough.”

But GOP Sen, Josh Hawley, Mo., who Sen. D-VT, along with Bernie Sanders, pushed Congress to approve the incentive check, stating that he “will continue to fight for $ 1200 / person and $ 500 (min) for children.” Working family. “


“I was disappointed at the inability to act like adults with responsibility,” Hill told reporters Friday evening. “

Although lawmakers hope they will actually vote on the relief package later this week, Hoyer said they will be given only two hours’ notice before being presented to the Capitol for the vote – meaning lawmakers have $ There will be very little time to read through the 908 billion package. It is possible that hundreds of pages are running long.

“Fair News” Hoyer said, “I am opposed to the government serving the people of the United States and actually shutting down the government globally.” “And I’m certainly not going to wind up 2 million federal employees doing what we’re going to do, which wouldn’t be an option for me.”

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The House Majority Leader was apparently disappointed by a second pass on the stopgap bill after last week’s continuing proposal, and he said he was not concerned by the reduced amount of time lawmakers “have to review legislation given to thousands in food lines Gotta do “As the Washington Post reported, millions of people were concerned about how they were paying rent … how they would survive the next day.

Globe Live Media’ James Levinson contributed to this report.

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