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Our smartphones have talent! Perfectly! These formidable concentrates of technology are made up of a multitude of small parts, parts that can be put together completely differently. Example.

You certainly know that a smartphone is a very clever assembly of electronic components of varying importance, more or less bulky, but often very different from each other. Completely disassembled, a smartphone looks a lot like a LEGO box. A multitude of pieces with which it is possible to play, literally, if you are a talented artist. The proof with this Xiaomi Mi 11.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 can turn into a mechanical dragon

The Xiaomi Mi 11 is a smartphone like there are so many on the market today. Inside, like any electronic gadget, lots of components. Could this smartphone therefore be totally other than what it is? In a video posted on Xiaomi’s Weibo account, the brand reveals that the Xiaomi Mi 11 can transform into a magnificent mechanical dragon!

Obviously, there is no question here of a Transformers-style transformation. It was simply Xiaomi who gave a mission to a very talented artist to transform a Mi 11 into a sculpture. It was thus necessary to disassemble two classic Mi 11s as well as four Mi 11 vegetarian leather edition. With all the components obtained, the artist was able to make the impressive sculpture that you can see above.

A creation as unusual as it is breathtaking

The entire process took no less than 30 days of work, but the result is clearly worth the effort. It is not the first that artists have used machine elements to make sculptures, to tell the truth, it is even moreover, the very foundation of the discipline, but it must be recognized that this dragon Mi 11 is breathtaking. And this is probably the first time that we see a creation of this kind with smartphone components.

If you are interested, you can watch the video below to find out how these Xiaomi Mi 11s have been transformed from simple smartphones to such a fierce robot dragon.

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