(Citizen Free Press) — In addition to the decrees and memoranda that President Joe Biden signed Wednesday, the new administration has an ambitious list of additional actions for the first 10 days in office, many of which will reverse the key policies established by its predecessor.

Starting this Thursday, every day until the end of the month, except for this weekend, it will focus on a specific topic, with a set of corresponding actions and directives, in accordance with a draft of the schedule sent to allies of management and that was seen by Citizen Free Press.

Biden begins to undo Trump’s legacy with decrees 19:41

These are the topics:

January 20 – Taking possession and urgent decrees

January 21st – Covid-19

January 22 – Financial assistance

January 23-24 – Weekend

January 25 – Buy America Policy

26 of January – Equity

January 27th – Weather

January 28 – Medical attention

January 29 – Immigration

January 30-31 – Weekend

February: Restoring America’s Place in the World

This Thursday, the theme of the first full day of the Biden Presidency will be on the coronavirus. He is expected to sign six decrees and a presidential policy directive.

The decrees include things like a supply chain review, additional data collection and transparency, and support for additional research and provision of COVID-19 treatment. A presidential policy directive will call on agencies to “strengthen efforts to combat covid-19 globally and strengthen preparedness for a global pandemic.”

Then on Friday, “Financial Aid” day, Biden is expected to sign two bills.

One to direct the agency’s action on Medicaid, Pell grants, SNAP benefits, and unemployment insurance.

The second decree will restore the collective bargaining rights of federal employees and initiate actions to reverse Schedule F of former President Trump’s decree that gave the Office of Management and Budget and federal agencies room for maneuver to reclassify key roles.

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