Former President Lula da Silva recovers from covid-19

Former President Lula da Silva recovers from covid-19

The statement indicated that, during a follow-up medical check-up, Lula da Silva was diagnosed with lung lesions consistent with covid-19-associated bronchopneumonia. But, it has shown a satisfactory recovery, according to the statement.

“The former president did not require hospitalization, as did other members of his team. Only the writer Fernando Morais was in the hospital for 14 days due to pulmonary complications, “added the statement.

The former president returned to Brazil on Wednesday after spending a month in Cuba. There he planned to participate in a documentary on Latin America directed by Oliver Stone.

Lula’s wife and seven other members of his team also tested positive. All were kept in isolation while they got over the illness.

“I am ready to receive the vaccine as soon as we have vaccines for everyone. I am still waiting for my turn with a lot of willingness to receive it as soon as possible. And as long as people are not vaccinated, I will continue to use my mask, respecting social distancing and using antibacterial, “explained the former president.

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