CES 2021: The next generation of Laptops is launched

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News hardware CES 2021: The next generation of laptops is launched

Last night, AMD and Nvidia launched the next generation of laptops, and it could hurt a lot. AMD and Nvidia have indeed taken advantage of CES to present both new processors for laptops, but also graphics cards that promise to be very powerful.

Nvidia has thus confirmed the arrival of the GeForce RTX 3000 – so 3060, 3070 and 3080 – in more than 70 laptops. For me, it is clearly a new generation of “gamer” portable PCs which is arriving on the market and I cannot wait to test them and see the performance gain compared to machines equipped with GeForce RTX 2000. more, the first good news is that these new models are not more expensive than before.

Prices that remain “correct”

At Acer, for example, there is the Nitro 5, which offers a Ryzen 5000 processor and a GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card, for 1299 euros. The price may seem a bit high, but ultimately not that much when you look at the on-board configuration. With this kind of configuration, you can indeed play very comfortably in Full HD and even more on a monitor, with ray-tracing enabled in compatible games.

Finally 1440p!

Another good news, which I was particularly waiting for: the arrival of 1440p screens on laptops. Because yes, until now, we had the overall choice between Full HD or 4K.

You might as well be honest: 4K on a 15- or 17-inch screen doesn’t help much, especially since most laptop graphics cards are unable to properly run a game in this definition. But the arrival of RTX 3000 and 1440p screens seems to me to be the right compromise in terms of graphics card / definition ratio. We will therefore have laptops with 1440p screens at Razer, at Acer or even at Asus ROG.

ROG XG Mobile: innovative, but very expensive

Finally, I wanted to tell you about an innovation that I find super cool from Asus, even if I find the price completely indecent: the ROG XG Mobile box.

So what is it ? : quite simply a case about twice the size of a laptop battery, which integrates a mobile RTX 3080 and which connects to a laptop PC with a dedicated interface, developed by Asus. In addition to a very powerful graphics card, the box offers USB ports, an Ethernet port and even a DisplayPort to connect a screen. Basically: you arrive with your laptop at your desk, plug in a single cable, and you have a high-end gaming machine.

At the moment, only one laptop model is compatible with this case: the ROG Flow X13. It’s a 13-inch ultraportable, so it’s very easy to carry. So I really like the idea of ​​having a case that is both a charger and an external graphics card.

The big concern is the price: the PC alone is worth 1,799 euros and the case is offered at 1,499 euros… It’s really very, very, very expensive. Too expensive. But as often at CES, the innovations presented come at a high price. However, it remains a great door to the future and that’s what I like about this kind of event.

We, in any case, we continue to follow CES 2021 and we share all the announcements on Jeuxvideo.com, so stick around!

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