CES 2021: Smart mask and transformable gaming chair at Razer

CES 2021: Smart mask and transformable gaming chair at Razer

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Alongside its new tangible gaming laptops, Razer unveiled two prototypes at CES 2021: the first is a “Smart Mask”, and the second is a very original immersive gaming chair.

Never last when it comes to thinking about the innovations of tomorrow, the American manufacturer Razer often goes there to its most unexpected prototypes. CES 2021 is the opportunity for him to present the Hazel project, a Smart Mask which obviously surfs on the global need to wear a mask in multiple situations. Presented as being “The smartest mask in the world”, The Smart Mask features N95 medical grade respiratory protection, which operates two removable and rechargeable active fans, as well as Smart Pods that regulate airflow. The goal is to allow the wearer to breathe optimally, while filtering at least 95% of airborne particles, while offering great resistance to fluids. In addition, the mask is transparent, with a view to facilitating social interactions.

Razer could have stopped there for this prototype, but, of course, this is not the case, since it embarks a new technology called Razer VoiceAmp. It consists of a microphone and an amplifier integrated into the mask, and helps to improve the user’s range of speech. And since a Razer product would not bear the manufacturer’s signature without it, two Razer Chroma lighting zones are also present. We can already see the e-sports teams equipped with such masks, synchronized to display the colors of their banners.

CES 2021: Smart mask and transformable gaming chair at Razer

It remains to be seen whether Razer will eventually market such an accessory, far from its usual proposals. Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and CEO of Razer, always very fond of gadgets, and never the last to titillate fans of his brand, certainly leaves the door open to this prospect. “The concept of the Smart Mask will continue to be optimized through rigorous testing and user feedback to ensure compliance with safety rules and to ensure maximum comfort and convenience. Design improvements will also be made to meet changing user needs and to provide added value without compromising functionality and performance. Project Hazel will form the basis of Razer’s continued support and commitment to community health and safety ”, explains the brand.

Project Brooklyn, a gaming chair, but not only

With the Brooklyn Project, Razer is refocusing on the gaming world, by offering an ergonomic and modular armchair concept, but above all with a 60-inch curved screen. A promise of immersive panoramic vision, completed by Razer HyperSense audio haptic feedback integrated into the seat and 4D armrests, which can be transformed into adjustable tables for peripherals. The futuristic design of this surprising seat gives the impression of dealing with a spaceship chair and it is quite easy to imagine yourself getting caught up in the game of an Elite Dangerous or a Star Wars Squadron installed inside. “Independently activated high-fidelity modules make it possible to feel the most sensitive vibrations during play, such as jumping into water or landing on a platform for a truly immersive game”, comments the manufacturer.

CES 2021: Smart mask and transformable gaming chair at Razer

Razer therefore plans to position itself in a segment that is, for the time being, not at all accessible to the general public. “The existing all-in-one chairs offering cockpit-style seating with built-in hardware are usually room-sized and the costs are astronomical.”, explains the brand. With a 60 inch curved OLED display fully surrounded by LED, carbon fiber design and many features related to comfort and ergonomics, as well as technologies still under development, we are still entitled to wonder about the price that such a gaming chair could display.

CES 2021: Smart mask and transformable gaming chair at Razer

The brand was also inspired by the design of its Razer Iskur armchair, available since last October at a price of 499.99 euros, but also of its Razer Raptor 27 screen at 799.99 euros, as the starting point of this concept. . Even when combining the prices of these two products, we are very clearly far from the mark, but the future will tell soon enough where Razer plans to go with this prototype. One thing is certain, the brand intends to continue to refine its concept and should tour trade shows, virtual and real, in the coming years to present it to as many people as possible.

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