“You breathe!”: Adriana Lucía responded to a Follower who criticized her after showing off her Abdomen in a Bikini

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The singer Adriana Lucía responded in a forceful way to one of the Instagram users, who made an unkind comment to the Cordoba in one of her latest publications, where she is seen enjoying the Colombian Caribbean.

In the photography, the singer poses in a bathing suit, revealing her marked abdomen, that for one of the netizens, it is forced, “Relax those muscles woman, breathe”, was the user’s comment.

Adriana Lucia did not want to ignore it and replied: “Mija, I’m even laughing, you breathe, you’re like green.”


The user, in turn, wanted to clarify what she said: “None of that, apnea is good but not very much.” It was then, when the singer explained how she managed to make her figure look marked and why she is so in good shape, yes, without ceasing to say that this type of comments between women seemed a “horror”.

“How horrible these absurd comments and if always between women. I train every day of my life and my abdomen has been marked for many years and I do it for myself, I don’t usually show it. My ribs have come out since I was a child because I practiced contortion for some years, I love my ribs, just the way they are, it took years, but I love them. It is obvious that your comment is poisonous and although I do not find it pleasant, this does not harm me. And your description full of peace and love “, was the response of the monteriana singer.

Other users supported her in her position and expressed their support in the other responses to the inappropriate comment:

“High empathy between us, sisterhood too, don’t pay any attention”, “You are absolutely right, among women we should EDIFY AND RESPECT OURSELVES”, “In foolish words … You are art, you are beauty, total admiration for you, you continue to be beautiful!”.

Not all the comments in the publication were critical of her body, others expressed admiration and good wishes for the Colombian artist.

“Makeup for what, if you have a heart of gold”, “I wish I had that abdomen. Divine and Glamorous always ”,“ You look so beautiful in nature, you don’t need makeup, beautiful, authentic and unique ”,“ If to have that voice requires that abdomen, I want that abdomen. Mujeron ”, were some of the reactions of Adriana Lucía’s followers, who today exceed one million.

The recent threats that Adriana Lucia received

Last December, the singer-songwriter denounced on her Twitter account that she is once again receiving death threats.

In her publication, the Cordovan singer said that, again, she is invaded “Fear and anxiety”. The artist expressed that made the complaints public so that the authorities could take action on the matter. Adriana Lucía published a trill in which she denounces the threats against him, ensuring that he refuses to “live in a country where expressing an opinion is a conviction.” In the same way, she sent a message to her detractors and assured that, despite the warnings they send her about wanting to turn off her life, she remains firm, with “my music and my voice.”

The singer, who is known on social networks for her brave position in the face of current issues in Colombia, published the screenshot of a conversation on the WhatsApp application, in which a person warns her that some subjects of the industry in which the artist operates want to kill her.

“They want to hurt you”, it is read in one of the sections of the conversation. The person who alerted the artist to her death threat says that they are paying to end the life of the young singer and that “they are following all the steps”.

This was the second time that the singer received threats through social networks, The first was in 2019, after the singer led the initiative ‘Un canto por Colombia’.

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