What does Irene Rosales think of Isabel Pantoja’s return to the stage?

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12/07/2020 Irene Rosales in a file image taken in Madrid. SOCIEDAD EUROPA ESPAÑA


Cautious and discreet as usual, Irene Rosales has once again adopted the low profile that characterized her at the beginning of her relationship with Kiko Rivera. Many are the criticisms that have rained to the now television collaborator about her involvement in the disagreement between her husband and Isabel Pantoja for a few months due to Paquirri’s inheritance. This is why Irene has now chosen prudence.

Fulfilling her professional obligations, Irene traveled on a whirlwind trip to Madrid to collaborate in the program she works for, ‘Viva la vida’, and return to her home in Seville hours later. It was at that moment when we were able to ask her about her mother-in-law’s return to the stage, as well as the possible exile that Isabel Pantoja would undertake in Mexico in the future. Two issues that would undoubtedly affect her life, and that of her daughters, Ana and Carlota, as well as her husband’s, and about which Irene has to weigh what to say publicly. In the meantime, she chooses to keep a sensible silence that keeps her from misinterpretation.

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