VIDEO: Cazzu appears in Christian Nodal’s new music video with Kany García

VIDEO: Cazzu appears in Christian Nodal’s new music video with Kany García

  • Cazzu appears unexpectedly in the new music video of the Mexican singer Christian Nodal together with the Puerto Rican Kany García

Christian Nodal gave something to talk about again after being the special guest on “The Next”, the new song by Puerto Rican Kany García. Well, the singers made a duet that according to the fans of both stars has become one of the best melodies of 2022 and the fusion that they did not know they needed.

Said melody is already available on all music platforms and the video is trending on the YouTube portal, the lyrics are a co-authorship between the two and highlights the interpretation with touches in the Mexican regional genre.

It is known that the theme is a gem, but one of the things that has most caught the attention of viewers is that in the official video the model that appears corresponds to Cazzu, a star originally from Argentina and current sentimental partner of Nodal, besides being a colleague and friend of García.

Cazzu never shows her face, but if other parts of the body such as abdomen, chest and hands, the way in which the followers discovered that it was the interpreter of “Nena trap” is because they highlight the tattoos that characterize Julieta’s style, singer’s real name

The scenes were recorded in Argentina under the direction of Diego Peskins and the story of how a couple begins to fall into monotony is told.

It should be remembered that Nodal and Kany are nominated for the next edition of the Latin Grammy 2022, a ceremony that will take place on Thursday, November 17 at 8:00 p.m. from Las Vegas in the United States.

Kany García goes for Best Pop Vocal Album for “El amor que deservemos” and Best Tropical Song for “Agüita e coco”, while Christian Nodal competes for Best Regional Mexican Song with “When I feel like it”, a recording he made with Christina Aguilera and could also lift the medal for Best Ranchera/Mariachi Music Album with “EP#1 Forajido”.

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