Tom Holland shares a very special photo from the filming of Spider-Man 3

Tom Holland shares a very special photo from the filming of Spider-Man 3

The third film of the wall-crawler will be released on December 17 in theaters

“Spider-Man 3” is one of the films that are raising the most expectation of the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe . The film is taking a revolutionizing turn, as it intends to bring together in a single film some of the most important figures that we have seen previously in the Spiderverse, with confirmed names such as Alfred Molina, who will return as Doctor Octopus, or Jamie Foxx, who will be the Electro we saw in “The Amazing 2” again.

And the rumors could not be more flattering, because, although it is not confirmed at the moment, in this third installment actors of the stature of Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire could appear, actors who have previously played Peter Parker, thus exploring the options of the multiverse Within the franchise, something that seems to be a keynote in the future of Kevin Feige’s plans. For now, “Spider-Man 3” is in full swing, and Tom Holland wanted to share a very special photo.

A photo with his brother Harry , who looks like he will also have a role in the Jon Watts film: “Today was easily one of the best moments of my career. For all of you who have always been there, you know what I’m up to. speaking, and for those who don’t … Fasten your seat belt”. A nice photo of both, although at the moment the role that Harry Holland will have in the film is unknown.

“Spider-Man 3” will be released in theaters, if all goes well, on December 17 , and we will have to wait to know if this juicy information ends up coming true, as Kevin Feige already suggested a few weeks ago that many of these theories were ‘surprisingly true’.

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