Tom Cruise, unrecognizable during a baseball game

Tom Cruise, unrecognizable during a baseball game

His swollen face did not go unnoticed

Last Saturday, October 9, the actor Tom Cruise attended a baseball game in San Francisco where his image did not go unnoticed. The protagonist of the “Mission Impossible” saga was accompanied by his son Connor, 26 years old,

It was not the meeting that captivated his followers, but the new image of the actor. The swollen face, especially the cheeks and chin, became the photographers’ target.

The 59-year-old actor, who has already undergone some cosmetic retouching, later appeared in images broadcast on video on the Twitter account of journalist Chris Alvarez.

Some fans wonder if the “Top Gun” actor has undergone cosmetic surgery again. “What did he do to his face?” Asks one user. “Are you having an allergic reaction?” Jokes another. Some have defended Tom Cruise, however, claiming that his appearance is natural. “I’m sick of Twitter criticizing people for their weight fluctuations. (…) Stop being grosphobic! ”, Tweeted one of them. “He is still very well for his age. He is almost 60 years old, “says another

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