This was what Shakira thought the first time she saw Gerard Piqué

This was what Shakira thought the first time she saw Gerard Piqué

“It’s what I was looking for. The doctor recommending. I thought she was dreaming”It’s Song Verses”I fell in love”one of the most successful singles from”The Golden”Shakira’s last studio album, because the singer would have written that song for the one she thought was the love of her life Gerard Piqué.

Well, in the lyrics of the world hit, it recounts the day the members of whom everyone believed to be the strongest couple in the entire medium met, their sweet love arose when they met at the 2010 World Cup , since then they began a life together.

Now that the separation of the Shakira and Gerard Piqué is a true fact, many videos of the past have gone viral when the Colombian woman dripped honey from her mouth every time she mentioned the name of her loved one, so today we will talk to you about what happened she thought the first time she saw him.

This spoke it Shakira In an interview for the Spanish program “El Hormiguero”, the queen of hip movement was promoting “The Golden”when he just came out and Paul Motorcycles He was asking her some questions about this unforgettable day causing her to smile.

The interviewer asked her to give her more details about that night, but Shakira was a little playful, assuring that she could not reveal more of her story, she could only tell what she wrote in the song, but she did reveal some little details.

Pablo asked him, “And when you saw him the first time, what did you say? Well, ‘fine’ or ‘oops’?”

That unleashed a lot of nervousness and smiles in Shakirawho answered:

“I said: “what a round mouth, I like that little beard”

Those two verses are part of his song”I fell in love”, where with a lot of love and ingenious rhymes he was narrating his great love story. Now, in the interview he also stated that indeed Gerard Piqué He promised to win the World Cup for her, to see her in the final.

Netizens are very nostalgic to see those videos and notice that the sparkle in Shakira’s eyes never leaves her every time she talks about the soccer player, because she is currently in a very complicated separation process and trying to reach an agreement for their children.

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