They capture Zendaya and Tom Holland in a passionate kiss, what a thrill!

They capture Zendaya and Tom Holland in a passionate kiss, what a thrill!

Since rumors began in 2017 that there could be something more between Zendaya and Tom Holland than just a friendship, we loved the idea, the chemistry they showed on the screen was undeniable and that it will come to real life was almost a promise to be fulfilled, and now it seems that it is a fact, according to the photographs that have put fire to social networks.

The actress Zendaya and Tom Holland were caught yesterday in Los Angeles giving a passionate kiss. While they waited for a traffic light to turn green, he took her face in his hands and came over to give her this playful kiss which amazed us, the couple were seen acting very happy while they were in the $125,000 Audi.

This was not a casual outing, Zendaya, in company of Holland, visited the neighborhood where we know her mom Claire Stoermer lives, Silver Lake in Los Angeles. With this everything seems that the relationship is very serious because the three were photographed together that same day, that is, Tom already live with, his mother-in-law?

The trust between the two is such that Zendaya did not wear makeup, she combed her hair with a high half ponytail, as well as a simple white top and turquoise jeans. Tom Holland also looked very relaxed in a white T-shirt, a blue flannel shirt, black shorts and white tennis shoes.

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